Template:Infobox ActorWinterWolf314 (formerly BATMAN21005) is a Robloxiwood director, writer, and actor. He has acted in several films including The Great Darkness as Duma, Transparency as Sgt. Corey Willis, and in the reboot of the series KrisBush15: Action Cop. He also appeared as an extra for films such as The Discrepancy and Reflection, and in an episode of White Crows.


Winterwolf314 (as BATMAN21005) joined ROBLOXiwood in early 2014 when he was hired to build sets for RobloxMarvel Studios by iammister (known as MisterThrowback at the time). He was later hired to write the film adaptation of Captain America. When RobloxMarvel was taken over by CosimoValuta, the film was rebooted with WinterWolf314 taking the director spot. The film was cancelled when the studio fell apart.

WinterWolf314 soon began acting as an extra in films made by the community, and gained recognition for creating the famous 21005 Theatre. Upon opening the theatre, he was offered a spot to star in CosimoValuta's Flamethrower, but the film was cancelled. He then went on to portray the role of Duma in The Great Darkness. He later signed on to star in LordCrossfire82's Action Cop reboot, which lasted two episodes before cancellation. Soon after, he was hired by Rick120 to construct a set for the film The Fall of Gary Bush, and was to portray the head of Vortex Security. The film was cancelled and became Reflection, which he acted in as an extra using footage from the original film.

As time went by, WinterWolf314 began working on A Mercenary in New York, and action/adventure film. During pre-production, WinterWolf became close friends with Coollegodude1, actors EddieScellta and TEDOG1232, and co-director Moses747, who all became common partners in the industry. The film was cancelled due to complications that prohibited him from creating the film, and he took a break from the community until the problems could be fixed.

A few months afterwards, WinterWolf314 rejoined the community and conceptualized City of Eden: Ascension, which was almost immediately scrapped. Feeling de-motivated,WinterWolf almost quit the community before being reminded of an old idea by TEDOG1232, which rejuvinated WinterWolf's hopes. As WinterWolf began work on Justice League: The Golden Age (which was later placed on hold), he acted in Transparency, and signed on to star in Free Fall and Stonecreek. In August 2015, WinterWolf314 released the first episode of the weekly news series, Inside ROBLOXiwood (Show).

During the summer of 2016, WinterWolf signed away the rights to several properties, as a part of his apparent retirement from the community. In late August, WinterWolf expressed interest in returning to directing, but has not made an official announcement.

Director Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
A Mercenary in New York 2015 BATMAN21005 and Moses747 Film Cancelled
City of Eden: Ascension 2015 BATMAN21005 Film Cancelled
Inside ROBLOXiwood 2015 BATMAN21005 Show Completed

(Season One)

Justice League: The Golden Age 2016 BATMAN21005 and Moses747 Film On Hold

Writer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Position Status
A Mercenary in New York 2015 BATMAN21005 and Moses747 Film Co-Writer Cancelled
The Discrepancy 2015 CosimoValuta Film Co-Writer Released
City of Eden: Ascension 2015 BATMAN21005 Film Writer Cancelled
Inside ROBLOXiwood (Show) 2015 BATMAN21005 Show Writer Completed

(Season One)

Justice League: The Golden Age 2015 BATMAN21005 and Moses747 Film Co-Writer On Hold

Acting Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
Flamethrower 2015 CosimoValuta Film N/A Cancelled
The Great Darkness 2015 CosimoValuta Film Duma Released
~Action Cop~ 2015 LordCrossfire82 Series ??? Cancelled (Two Episodes Released)
The Fall of Gary Bush 2015 Rick120 Film ??? Cancelled
Reflection 2015 Rick120 Short Film Extra Released
Transparency 2015 Rick120 Film Corey Willis Released
Free Fall 2015 Ultrazz Film Will Wright Cancelled
Another Year 2016 Coollegodude1 Film Alex In-Production
Granite 2016 Coollegodude1 Film Jay In-Production
Stonecreek ??? Coollegodude1 Film Matt "Prince" Bylin Upcoming
Carlo County Outlaws (Reboot) 2017 AGavent Film Gerasimos/Mysterious Biker In-Production

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