Why The Easter Bunny Never Visits Uganda
No Poster
Release Date 2012
Creator DonCurrency
YouTube Channel Unknown
Main Actors DonCurrency
Genre Comedy
Movie Rating Rank UC
Why The Easter Bunny Never Visits Uganda is a 2012 lost short directed by DonCurrency and distributed by The Mafia Films.


After visiting Uganda, The Easter Bunny encounters the horrors of Kony 2012.


It is currently unknown when production began on the short, however sometime in 2012, production on the short began in order to branch out to comedic audiences. Filming and editing lasted no longer than a week at most. The short was released later in 2012, but was lost soon after.


Actor Role
DonCurrency Easter Bunny, Kony


  • The short was notable for its use of heavy green screen effects.

Awards and Nominations


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