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Weighing Souls with Sand
Release Date 2017
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions
Running Time 60 mins. (est.)
Main Actors Coollegodude1, A_Deer
Genre Superhero, Religious, Drama
Movie Rating Rank I-16

Weighing Souls with Sand (previously Anactoria) is an upcoming 2017 superhero drama film directed by ThecapcomFreak. It is part of the Rescind Cinematic Universe and takes place adjunct to Rescind: Elegies.


After a powered, Nathaniel, finds another powered, Lynn, in shock, he attempts to help her cope with the sudden loss of her brother. However, Nathaniel himself is disadvantaged as he struggles with misotheism, theophobia, alcoholism, addiction and depression following the loss of his wife and kids.


Weighing Souls with Sand begun production under the name Anactoria and had three main characters: Lynn, Nathaniel and Alyssa. However, Alyssa was soon removed. Screenwriting began on January 15th, 2017.




Main Cast
Actor Role
Coollegodude1 Nathaniel
A_Deer Lynn
WinterWolf314 Clarke


  • The title, Weighing Souls with Sand comes from an album by The Angelic Process by the same name.

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