Vortex Security: The Revolution
Release Date N/A
Director DonCurrency
Film Company The Mafia Films
Running Time N/A
Main Actors DonCurrency
Genre Clan, Action
Movie Rating Rank E-13
Vortex Security: The Revolution was a 2011 cancelled clan film directed by DonCurrency and distributed by TMF.


Across the globe, Vortex Security has been maintaining world peace. However, when a revolution breaks out due to the Anti-VS clan, General Rick Talvovski must choose between stopping atrocities occurring at lower-levels or risk being seen as a traitor to his own family.


In 2011, DonCurrency had the idea of making a spinoff film of Vortex Security, using the clan Anti-VS. Creating a story, filming began later that year, with Part 1 being released at an unknown time. The video was later lost.


Reception was generally mixed. Most criticism came from the fact the film was unlicensed and Rick120 himself denounced the film as a rip-off, as no permission to use the characters from Rick's franchise was given. Others stem from the fact the film was in dual Arabic and English at times, and the character designs for the Middle Easterners came off as extremely racist.


Main Cast
Actor Role
DonCurrency N/A

The rest of the cast list for the film is unknown.


  • No official permission for the film was given by Rick120 yet Rick Talvovski was the main character in the film.
  • Film was to be the unlicenced sequel to Vortex Security: Game of Guns.

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