Void (Reboot)
No Poster
Release Date Cancelled
Director ArcticFox001
Film Company Galactic Film Corporation
Running Time Est. 23 min
Main Actors N/A
Genre Horror, Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank M
Void (Reboot) is a cancelled 2015 film directed by ArcticFox001. The film is distributed by Galactic Film Corporation.


After the loss of contact with Outpost Zeta on the snowy moon of Zyskar, the Vanguard High Command begin to worry. After days of waiting for communication the team of the ISS Nightfall are sent to investigate.


The production for the Void reboot had been in the works since late September 2015. On October 24th, the Void reboot was announced at the Director's Panel at Octoberfest along with other projects coming sooner. On Ocober 27th, the first teaser trailer for the reboot was released, which showed off the ISS Nightfall's interior and the character designs for the crew.

The film was later cancelled after ArcticFox001 announced he'd be departing from the ROBLOXiwood community. Despite him later returning, he never announced plans to finish the movie.




Actor Role
BATMAN21005 Thomas Fisher
N/A Clara Fisher
N/A David Morgan
N/A Antonio Carter
N/A Commander Roth
Routess The Monster


  • At the Octoberfest Director's Panel, it was said that most of the original idea was changed only keeping slight things.


Void Reboot - A ROBLOXiwood Film Teaser02:25

Void Reboot - A ROBLOXiwood Film Teaser

Void (Reboot) - Teaser #1

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