Hey Y'all, I'm Armyperson557-- as you can see-- And in this blog I'll be discussing my new 2016 project "Runner". I want to start off by saying That this film is supposed to be different from all my previous works-- it is supposed to represent something more, have a different feeling behind it. In this blog I'll be covering what this movie is about, as well as key points of the film, and so on. I'll be getting deep into detail with this. I don't think the plot is that complex. Sitting in school, I've been thinking about scenes that will build up to the climax-- some good ones-- that I think will contribute well to the story. I originally got the idea (This is cliche) from a piece of paper on which I wrote several movie names in advance-- to refer back to when the time came-- and the time did come. I scanned through the list, "checking off" all the movie titles I didn't like, or at least ones I didn't feel like working on at the time, and I came across a movie called "Olympic Runners" and I said, "Hey, This sounds good, I think this will be easy". But I was wrong, it was far from easy. First, you have to write the script, pick the costumes, set everything up, etc. Then you have to contact people and get a crew (which is one of the hardest parts, if you ask me). Many of you would say, "What's so hard about getting actors?" And I'll tell you what's Hard -- Actually getting actors that care. I planned to get the film done by February or March (I started in January), but the film ended up having a 2-month DELAY. Yeah, a DELAY-- all because of the lack of cast. Then, something changed. I met up with this guy named SystemFellAsleep, and he agreed to create a group for me. I agreed, and the least of my worries was gone. At first, I didn't know what I was doing, or where to start, but as time progressed, and I became more experienced, I started getting more options, and became more creative. Around late February is when I started to actually film the first couple of scenes. I think it was good, but the truth is, I used bandicam, but that's not the problem. The problem was the watermark and the black bars on the sides. I did my research, and as many of you probably already know, the black bars are there to "fill-in" the extra "space" from a video. For example, if you portray a 1920 x 1080 (16:9, widescreen) film on, perhaps, a 4:3 (Standard) TV Screen, you will have black bars to maintain the aspect ratio (16:9 and 4:3). So, I knew what I had to do. I opened up bandicam and played with the video settings. I opened up Windows Movie Maker and set the size to 16:9, then, in bandicam, I set the record size to full size, then i set the aspect ratio to 16:9, and boom! No black bars on top or bottom. But there's a problem: The side bars look Ugly, but the top bars look cool. As a little kid, I've always wondered what those black bars meant. While many people say it's annoying, I think it's pretty cool. So in order to get that hollywood-type film, I needed a solution. I did more research, and I found that there was a way to get the black bars on top-- through effects. So I searched up ways to use special effects on my videos, and I couldn't really found any. So, after weeks of research, I said, "Screw this." And I found out about Green Screen. I did not know how, but, I found out about Sony Vegas Pro Platinum 11. I downloaded the Trial Version, and when I opened it up, I had know Idea what I was doing. As I got more comfortable with it, I started to experiment more, And I felt more confident in my recordings. I was know able to create black bars instantly using the event pan/crop feature. Along with that, I learned how to use greenscreen, So I became even more confident. With extreme confidence, I was excited for this movie, and I felt like I had much energy from that point forward. Runner is basically about a bullied teen that has big dreams to become a Track runner in the olympics, but his dreams slowly fade away by factors such as his height, and athleticism. Now, this is just the plot. But to get into detail, I can say that he meets a mentor named Niko. Niko shows him how to do everything, how to train, to motivate himself. I think this film has kind of a true meaning behind it. I want to portray things in this film similar to things that happened to me. I have dreams of becoming a basketball player. I still have big dreams for it too. My passion for movie making started after my dog died. I felt lonely, sad, worried, some of the things the boy feels in this film.So I wanted to do something that'd keep me busy and entertained. And so, I got into the movie making business. I guess you can say I'm half-professional I guess. I guess there are still lots of flaws, but for the most part, I think I'm getting better. With this film, the main characters are Malik, His mom, Dad, Niko his mentor, His High-School Principal, His track coaches, and Beth. I have some great plans for this movie, and I will release the trailers and teasers 1 week before the final fim. Now, the exact date the movie will be released is unknown, but, I can assure you, it should be released Summer 2016. I'm hoping to finish it sometime around June or July. I'll do my best to gather some more actors. If any of you reading this are interested in acting or collaborating/working with me on this film, feel free to contact me via roblox @armyperson557 (Use Private Messaging). Looks like that's all for this blog. I plan to add some behind the scenes/special features in the final film, too. So, watch out for those. If you want to watch it, don't get out of the movie right after the credits.

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