Hey, haven't posted in a while so I'm going to be making this blog to help film makers with there projects. 

First I would like to thank the entire community for bearing with me as I slowly produce episodes for my last noob film installment Final Adventure. I have 5 EPISODES on youtube so far and soon I will start the 6th episode which will mark the halfway point in the project. I'm predicting that the film will hit near the 1 hour mark in this episode, if it does it mean's I'll probably get to the 2 hour mark by the end of the movie. 

There are some idea's being thrown around to up the ante including some new songs (I have a new autotune recorder which has better quality than the previous) it was used in the I Love You Darling and Back To The Past songs. 

(Btw, I'm looking for people to give some critical feedback for the first 5 episodes. Think of it as a on the fly improving, like an astronaut getting out of a spaceship post launch whilst it's blasting off to fix the engines)


Without further ado, here are some tips to making a movie:

1.) Plan everything, while The Noob is mostly an imprompt film, Some scenes need to be more carefully executed than others. There are loads of tools online that can help you do this and you can even use notepad or word. 

2.) Always Plan action scenes, I can;t count how many times imprompt stunts have made The Noob an eyesore to watch, take Shedletsky's Mighty Castle for example, which was a terrible excuse for an episode. Here is a picture I used to help me film the city action sequence from The Noob Movie V:



3.) I usually don't like to use the start from the beginning and make your way through the film from the start technique, I'm more of "focus on the harder/bigger scenes first and get everything tricky out the way and compose all the smaller and easier scenes later". kind of guy. Don't do this all in 1 day though, creatviity does eventually deplete and it can make you feel like using lazy tactics if you work yourself too much.

Always work when you have an energy spike, it helps alot with creativity and giving you the willpower to carry on.

4.) Listening to music while you work, it helps with productivity and certain genres can get you in the mood for certain scenes, for example:

Rock/Pop/Metal/Screamo/Anything that has drums or synths going willy nilly: Action Scenes, Chase Scenes, Fight Scenes

Orchestra/Ballads/Classical/Anything with Violins: Sad Scenes, Dialogue Heavy Scenes, Death Scenes, Emotional Scenes, Plot Twists

5.)  Always do 1 final look before the final render, the last thing you want is a hour long video all rendered only for you to find in the video a part of the footage glitching like a missingno having an epileptic seizure.

6.) If you're making a comedy film the best combination for a duo of protangonists are:

1 Ditzy idiot for the slapstick

1 Deadpan Snarker for the verbal humour

The same can be applied for the antagonists. Always try to put the ditzy idiot in a serious situation and the deadpan snarker in a funny/obscure situation. The humour comes within how the characters react to a place that doesn't match there personality.

7.) If possible, edit the vfx heavy scenes on their own and implement them into the main project after you're happy with the render, It helps keep your timeline nice and tidy.

That's all, if you need something explained more in depth ask in the comments

I suck at making outro's so... bye

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