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Release Date 3/12/15
Director Spiderboy9
Film Company Knightmare Productions
Running Time 1:14
Main Actors No Actors
Genre Fiction
Movie Rating Rank EC

Untitled is a released 2015 short directed by Spiderboy9 and produced by Knightmare Productions.


After being bored Spider asks himself if he wants to return to Robloxiwood with the help of his mind.


Untitled was started 3/12/15 after Spider decided to join Robloxiwood once more. Untitled was filmed, edited, and released the same day a few hours after production started.




  • Three objects appear in the short from three cancelled projects.
    • The first object is a poster of cancelled film Spiderboy which was director Spiderboy9's first planned film.
    • The second object is a hood from a cancelled clan series about Spider's time in UAF.
    • The third is a set of armor from a cancelled superhero film which was started shortly before retiring.
  • When Sollertis says "We know." he is referring to the serveral fragments of him which make up Spider's way of thinking.
  • There was no script for the short written.
  • The title of the short was created due to Spider's laziness of creating an actual title.


Untitled 2015 - Short - Knightmare Productions01:15

Untitled 2015 - Short - Knightmare Productions

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