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UNRAVELED Film poster
Release Date Summer 2016
Director oOMrWonderfulOo
Film Company MRW Productions
Running Time 58:00
Main Actors Galio13, DevPollux
Genre Crime
Movie Rating Rank E-13
UNRAVELED is a upcoming British cyber-crime Film directed by oOMrWonderfulOo. Pre-production began in early 2016, with production starting in May.


The MI6 suffers a major cyber-attack by a unknown cyber-terrorist group. Alan Abbot, director of the MI6, searches to find a computer programmer/hacker to track down the perpetrators. A man by the name of Ethan Smith is hired to carry out the mission. As he begins to unravel the clues and code, he discovers something that may break the agency forever.


Development of the film began in early 2016. Production commenced in May. The Film is set to be released in July or August 2016.


Actor Role
Galio13 Ethan Smith
DevPollux Alan Abbot


The first trailer was set to be released on May 30th, 2016.


  • This will be MRW Productions first film.
  • The majority of the film will feature stop-motion animation.

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