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Trapped In The Darkness (2013)
Release Date Early 2013 (Part 1)
Director Hacker225
Film Company JohanSkruger
Running Time Unknown
Main Actors Unknown
Genre Action, Drama
Movie Rating Rank EC
Trapped In The Darkness is an upcoming Reboot film series being released sometime throughout 2013 from the original film series of the same name created by Hacker225. The reason for a Reboot is because the original series contained copyright content and will soon be deleted. The Reboot will contain original content, voice acting and original soundtracks. Part 1 will be released sometime in 2013.


In late 2008, a group of hackers called 1x1x1x1 created a virus that would be capable of hacking Roblox entirely. They failed in their attempt and Roblox was saved! The world of roblox seems to be at peace again, only needing to worry about noobs and trolls, but as a couple years went by, the community was changing. Roblox started to become less a united community and worst a new evil has become amock in Roblox, leaving different places....Trapped In The Darkness.

Main Characters

  • Johan is a veteran robloxian, going to different places, building, battleing and such. But when his friend called him to come over to his place, he never expected what would happen, is the beginning war to save Roblox.
  • Dan is a banned robloxian. He was banned out of a false report of one his former friends of him being a hacker. Stuck in banland, an strange entity visits him and asks him if he would want to escape banland. He choses to and once out, he faces a force trying to control him,
  • Alicia is a new robloxian. She doesn't know much about roblox so she goes to different places to find out. She was unfortunate enough to be stuck in a place where some force seemed to have taked over it. Everyone in that game was destroyed but she managed to escape.
  • Telamon Sheldesky is one of the admins of Roblox. He manages and controls the world of Roblox to keep it a peacful place to be in.


  • Diginty a hacker back in 08 released a virus with the help of his group, 1x1x1x1, that cause many places in Roblox to be infected causing massive game bugs, defunction, asnd making the places obselete. He was the leader of the group but was later lower ranked by another fellow hacker, Vonson.
  • Zuka is second in command, he helped develope the virus back in 08 but was banned before releasing it. The pieces of the virus were found by Dignity and set free.
  • Deovolente is another member of the 1x1x1x1 group.
  • Vonson is the fourth person in the group. Although Dignity was the leader of the group, Vonson treated Dignity as less.



Part 1: The Battle Begins (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 2: The Noob King (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 3: Escape From Banland (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 4: A New Player (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 5: Roblox Civil Wars (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 6: Losing Control (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 7: The End Of Roblox (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 8: Rise From The Darkness (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 9: The Final Battle ( (Expected Release TBA, 2013)

Part 10: Epilogue ( Expected Release TBA, 2013)


Part 1 of the movie is currently in production and is expected to be released sometime in 2013. It contains no actors and currently 12 minutes have been already been edited. Around 15-18 minutes long will be the length of this movie with each part in that series expected to be around the same or more of the time limit. What is only needed to be finished is to add 3 more scenes, voice actors, RTD Intro, and credits. An original soundtrack has already been found by a youtube user who has allowed to use his music.

Players at SFOTH 4 Classic



Part 2 is currently in pre-production with the script being written. It is expected to be released sometime in 2013, but it might get released earlier as most of the problems that were in part 1(finding voice actors, original soundtrack, scriptwriters,etc.), have already been adressed to. This will make the production go even faster.

Part 3-10 is currently not in production.



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