Total Drama Space
No Poster
Release Date None
Creator KLBOT86
YouTube Channel CoinsCP
Main Actors Unknown
Genre Reality
Movie Rating Rank EC

Total Drama Space was an upcoming series that was going to be directed by KLBOT86. It was going to be based on the Canadian Teletoon series Total Drama. It was set to premiere in Early 2015.

The show was later cancelled due to an argument with ROBLOXiwood Wiki admins over a blog post concerning the show, at which point he also left the community.


Chris brings 22 new contestants of Total Drama into space for a load of new space-themed challenges to the extreme deadly competition, and one person is going off every single episode until the end to find out who is winning the $1 million!


KLBOT86 came up with the series in July 2014. He was developing the characters and building the set before cancellation.


The cast remained undecided.


  • KLBOT86 planned to keep the series going for only 13 episodes before end, and if the series were to get good reputation he would do a second season.

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