Tompengu Studios
Tompengu Studios Logo
Tompengu Studios Logo
YouTube Channel ArrestareFilms, LegacyStudio
Established January 1st, 2012
Founder TomPengu
Owner TomPengu
Notable Films Alien in 51, Meetings at Arrestare, The Alien in 51 (Reboot)

Tompengu Studios is a joint-production company to Legacy Studios (formerly Arrestare Films), founded by Tompengu . The studio primairly focuses on producing Legacy Studios films, but has attempted to help other productions in the past.


Tompengu Studios was created by Tompengu when production of Alien in 51 began. Tom created the studio to work with Arrestare Films, as he funded the film and wrote it. The success of the film garned Tompengu Studios a co-nomination of Best Picture at the 2013 BLOX Awards . After the release of Alien in 51, Tompengu Studios helped release the short film, Meetings at Arrestare. Tompengu Studios continued to shop films around after Arrestare Films shut down in 2012, working briefly with The Mafia Films. Tompengu Studios then began work with Legacy Studios, a recreation of Arrestare Films, and is currently co-producing it's next feature and short film series.

On September 13th, 2014, Tompengu announced that the next film Tompengu Studios would be co-producing would be The Alien in 51, a reboot to the film Alien in 51. Tompengu has expressed interest in helping prodction companies besides Legacy Studios in the future.

Staff Ranks

Because the film company has no official roblox group, there are no staff ranks. Tompengu ranks as CEO, while the staff consists of the staff from Legacy Studios, as the two work in the same space.


Name Year Director Type Status
Alien in 51 2012 Tompengu Film Released
Meetings at Arrestare 2012 Tompengu Short Released
The Alien in 51 2014 Tompengu Film Filming
Untitled Legacy Short Series 2014 Tompengu Short Pre-Production

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