Time Heroes Cinematic Universe (THCU)
Time heroes logo
Directors Endpoint

Rick120 ThecapcomFreak

Film Companies Stopmotion101 Studios

Rick Roll'd Productions Neverwakening Productions

Genre Action, Adventure, Superhero, Sci-Fi
 The Time Heroes Cinematic Universe (THCU) is a franchise of superhero films directed by Endpoint and distributed by Stopmotion101 Studios that was started in 2010, and is set to be completed in the summer of 2017. Several major properties of the universe were- and are to be rebooted.


Heroes from different eras gather together to fight a monstrosity.

Production History

Production of Time Heroes began with TheFallen123's classic film Moon Wars.


Reception to the franchise has been positive, with the minor plot holes serving as examples of criticism.


Movies Appear In Chronological Order

Pre-The Dark Knight Franchise
Name Year Director Type Status
Frost (Series) 2015 Endpoint Series Released
Ember 2016 Endpoint Short Released
The Dark Knight Franchise
Name Year Director Type Status
The Dark Knight: Apocalypse 2016 Endpoint Film Upcoming
Post-The Dark Knight Franchise
Name Year Director Type Status
Hostage 2016 Wholesaleryan56 Short Upcoming
Blind Justice 2015 Endpoint Film Released
The Renegade 2015 Endpoint Film Released
Injustice 2016 Rick120 Film Upcoming
The Moon Wars Franchise
Name Year Director Type Status
Synods (Moon Wars Reboot) 2016 ThecapcomFreak Film Upcoming
Untitled Short 2016 Endpoint Short Upcoming
Post-Moon Wars
Name Year Director Type Status
Moon Wars: The Future Soldier 2016 Endpoint Film Released
Time Heroes 2017 Endpoint Film Upcoming


  • The Dark Knight can be seen in a vision scene in Moon Wars: Zombie Planet.
  • Skull can be seen frozen at the end of the original Moon Wars.
  • Blind Justice is mentioned after the credits of the original Hyperblue.
  • The Moon Wars (Film Series) and The Dark Knight series will be rebooted in 2016.
  • Revelations is non-canon to the THCU.
  • Moon Wars: The Future Soldiers and Synods reboots the Moon Wars franchise into a more organized and interesting story.

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