Time Heroes
Time heroes
Poster designed by ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob
Release Date TBA
Director Endpoint
Film Company Stopmotion101 Studios, Neverwakening Productions, Rick Roll'd Productions
Running Time N/A
Main Actors TBA
Genre Superhero, Action, Drama
Movie Rating Rank E-13

Time Heroes is an upcoming superhero film written and directed by Endpoint and co-directed by Rick120. It is cowritten by ThecapcomFreak and AlmightyNoob


Heroes from different eras gather together to fight a monstrosity.


Pre-production for the film began in mid-July of 2015. The film originally had Endpoint and Rick120 as the writers but added ThecapcomFreak after he created the concept for the main villain and to strengthen character development. AlmightyNoob was added to the writing staff in late-July to prevent plot inconsistencies and provide general writing assistance.

The film is still currently being written. During its development, the writers participated in daily talks about the film to discuss the story, characters, etc.






  • Each Time Heroes Cinematic Universe film had after credits scenes that hinted characters and moments featured in Time Heroes.



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