The Walking Dead
Director BenIsLegit
Main Actors Moses747, and MisterThrowback
Series Run 2013-2014
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 3
Genre Horror, Action
Movie Rating Rank

The Walking Dead is a lost series directed and written by BenIsLegit . The series premiered on June 1, 2013.






Actor Role
Moses747 Jason
Routess James
Supersilverchaos Damon
Moses747 Scope
MisterThrowback Nam

Awards and Nominations

The 2013 Golden Noob Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Dramatic Series BenIsLegit Nominated
Series of the Year BenIsLegit Won


  • The Walking Dead started out as a Sony Vegas Pro edit test video, and intended to not have an actual storyline.
  • In episode 2, BenIsLegit met his best friend Moses747.  They met after joining the Roblox Flim Makers group and being in the same rank.
  • BenIsLegit's The Walking Dead takes place after Throwback Studio's Torn Apart .
  • The first episode of the series had over 30,000 views before being deleted.

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