The Thunder Noob
No Poster
Release Date N/A
Director ChildOfGiotto
Film Company A World Apart Media
Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre Superhero, Action, Adventure
Movie Rating Rank UC

The Thunder Noob is a cancelled superhero action film directed by ChildOfGiotto . It will be the first film directed by ChildOfGiotto . It is a superhero action movie that follows Jacob Springfield, as he becomes the hero known as the Thunder Noob. It is intended to be either done mostly or completely in 3D animation. 


Professor Richard Springfield, "The Indiana Jones of ROBLOX", goes out to the middle of the Sahara desert to explore an ancient Egyptian tomb. But, he discovers more then he bargained for when the Gods then select him to be the guardian of the world. He saves the occasional life every now and then, but doesn't take his role seriously. It isn't until a league of supervillains threaten the world and everything he loves, does he find out what true humility, sacrifice, and heroism is. But is this enough to stop such a powerful force of evil?



Main Characters

Character Description Image
Jacob Springfield Jacob Springfield is the main character of the film, and is the secret identity of The Thunder Noob. He is a student at Cassel University
Amelia Banks  Amelia Banks is Jacob's love intrest and companion she is the only one who knows of his secret identity of The Thunder Noob.


  • The Thunder Noob was originally going to be directed by AlmightyNoob , but as a birthday gift was given to ChildOfGiotto.
  • Cassel University, the school of Jacob Springfield, is named after famous ROBLOX admin and founder, erik.cassel.

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