The Story of The House
Release Date June 20, 2013

October 17, 2015 (Remastered)

Director DonValuta
Film Company The Mafia Films, Vexant Inc.
Running Time 24:33
Main Actors Cena12123, Zilex1000, Popsfootloose949, ThecapcomFreak
Genre Horror, Thriller
Movie Rating Rank I-16
The Story of The House is a 2013 film directed by DonValuta and distributed by The Mafia Films. The film was co-produced between Vexant Inc. and TMF. It is the prequel to Tales From The House, and it is the fourth installation in The House Franchise


Before the events of The House and Tales From The House, The Story of The House reveals the history of The House and its first inhabitants: Mary's Family.


The Mafia Films secured rights to a prequel of Tales From The House from Vexant Inc. and Zilex1000 Productions. The film would be a co-production between TMF and Vexant, with ZP1000 being credited in-association. The movie was greenlighted for production to start February 2013 but production began later on March 29, 2013. During editing, the film was rendered in 4K Ultra-HD, making it the first Robloxiwood Ultra-HD film.

At the 2012 OctoberFest Film Festival, the official teaser trailer was screened. On April 18, the official poster was released as well as additional casting news. Finally, on June 20th, the complete movie was released after being previously released in parts. The film was originally classified as a 'PG-15' film, but was increased to an 'R' rating because PG-15 was considered to be too lenient. Under the classification system change in August 2013, the film was initially classified as 'M for Mature Audiences', but was later changed to a final 'I-16' rating. The film is credited for being the major motion picture that revamped the Robloxiwood ratings system.


Main Cast
Name Role
Cena12123 Donald
Zilex1000 Mary
ThecapcomFreak Arthur, Soviet Union Soldier
Kingnuman Jacob
Popsfootloose949 Mark, Ticket Booth Operator, Russian Scientist
Minor Cast
Name Role
Agentmeap Ricky
KrisBush15 Security Guard, News Anchorman
Moomooman222 Priest
DonValuta Nurse, Satan (uncredited)
Hoperose1999 Hooker
Starguy197 (uncredited)
MisterThrowback (uncredited)


Main article: Tales From The House

Awards and Nominations

Octoberfest Film Festival
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Editing DonValuta Won
The 2013 Golden Noob Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Use of Video Effects (Drama) DonValuta Nominated
Best Actress in a Leading role Hoperose1999 as Hooker Nominated
Best Use of Video Effects DonValuta Nominated


  • There was a deleted scene in the film during which Donald is at the theater and a trailer for a film plays. The trailer was a recreation of a film trailer called "Beyond The Darkness"
  • In Tales From The House, Donald looks and wears a completely different outfit than in this film, and was found by Mary dead upstairs where in this film he died downstairs with everyone around. Mary also wore a different outfit in TFTH.
  • According to Harry131291, the ages of Arthur and Jacob should have been when they were children. For the purposes of the film, their age was updated to teenagers around 15.
  • In Tales From The House, the date was supposed to be in the 1950's, however, according to Harry131291, it should have probably occurred in the 1980s since Mary and her family lived in The House during the 1970s. This is a chronological goof in Tales From The House that was not addressed in The Story of The House.
  • There was one recurring goof throughout the film - the ROBLOX mouse kept appearing on and off.


The Story of The House (2013 Film)24:34

The Story of The House (2013 Film)

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