The Stalker (2014)
Logo from an early version of the first episode.
Director Brisingric
Main Actors BenIsLegit, Routess, Supersilverchaos
Series Run April 20, 2014 (Cancelled)
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 1 (released)
Genre Horror, Thriller, Satire
Movie Rating Rank E-13
The Stalker is a 2014 series written and directed by Brisingric, with some writing help from BenIsLegit. The series is a reboot of The Stalker: Part One, and follows a masked murderer who begins slaughtering teenagers in the town of Ridgewood, California.

The first episode was released on April 20, 2014 to mostly positive reception. A full season was planned, but was later cancelled.


On a quiet October night, a dark shadow enters the home of Kristen Strode and kills her, leaving her body in the shape of a dark message to everyone who sees it. A group of teenagers, who are horror enthusists, begin wondering who the killer could have been, and start to suspect that it's one of them when people in their school continue to get offed. As the body count rises, and the clock dwindles, the question on everyone's minds is: Who will be the next to die?


In early April, a Roblox user named princesman00 created a reboot of the original The Stalker episode, named "First Blood." After she took it down, Ollie had an idea to create his own reboot and began working that day. On April 18th, Ollie got Vegas Pro 13 and decided to re-edit The Stalker to be better. On April 19th, he filmed an extra scene for the first episode and on April 20th, editing finished and the first episode was released on the same day.

Script writing for the second episode began a few days later, with BenIsLegit helping Ollie. After the script was semi-finished, Ollie took a break and never finished the script or even began the next episode. Nearly a year later, in March of 2015, Ollie released a video on his channel that confirmed the next episode would be coming within the next two months. Nothing else was released about the series, and it was later confirmed to be cancelled.


For the first episode, critical reaction was mostly positive. Critics enjoyed the camera angles, dialogue and the storyline. The main criticisms came from some lighting issues, some weird music changes and the fact that the captions were part of the video and not in the black bars.



"Big improvement from the original, and this knocks the remakes from Helps and Princes out of the park. The camera angles were near perfect, dialogue was great, and this is much better than I expected. However, there were some things that could be fixed. For instance, the captions should be placed within the black bars, not on the video. The music you used are great songs, but they felt out of place. American Idiot kind of came out of nowhere, for example. One last thing is that the lighting should be corrected during dark scenes. If the scene had been darker, it would had made it much more suspenseful. If you fix these elements, then you'll greatly improve the future of this series. 8/10." BenIsLegit




Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 The Game Begins A dark shadow figure enters the home of Kristen Strode and attempts to murder her. April 20, 2014


The Stalker - 1x01 The Game Begins 201407:12

The Stalker - 1x01 The Game Begins 2014

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