The Stalker: Part One
Stalker intro
A snapshot of the opening credits.
Release Date October 1, 2012
Director Brisingric
Film Company Grayscale Productions
Running Time 5 mins.
Main Actors CosimoValuta, and Zilex1000
Genre Satire, Thriller
Movie Rating Rank E-13

The Stalker: Part One is a 2012 horror film directed by Brisingric. It was based off of the Sims 2 film made by Dan10093, and stars CosimoValuta, MisterThrowback and Zilex1000. The film followed a girl named Kristen Strode as she was stalked by a murderer.


In the beginning, while it rains, Kristen Strode (MisterThrowback) is on the phone with her boyfriend, Alex (Playsportsergent). After hanging up, she gets another call from an anonoymous stranger who's trying to get her to talk to him. After she hangs up, he calls several times before telling her that he will kill her.

After a lengthy chase scene, Kristen falls and The Stalker (CosimoValuta) kills her. After this, in the morning, the police (Zilex1000 and Rachelmay1) arrive at the scene.


Actor Role
CosimoValuta The Stalker
Iammister (MisterThrowback) Kristen Strode
Zilex1000 Officer #1
Rachelmay1 Officer #2


  • Alex Holmes (voiced by Playsportsergent) is never shown on-camera. The only thing we hear of him is his voice in the first scene.
  • The entire film was filmed in an hour.
  • Getting all of the voices took longer than filming and editing combined. It took at least a week to get all the voices.
  • The Stalker was played and voiced by CosimoValuta.
  • The sequel (The Stalker: Part Two) was only halfway through filming when Brisingric quit, and he then lost the files. That is one of two reasons that the films are now being rebooted in series form, the other is that this film was lost when it was deleted from YouTube.

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