The Shadow
The shadow image
Release Date Cancelled
Director littlegreen1
Film Company RoblofilmsTM
Running Time Various: 3-7 minutes
Main Actors TEDOG1232, Olliekins, tokyodrift7, littlegreen1
Genre Horror
Movie Rating Rank I-16
The Shadow is an 2014 series written and directed by littlegreen1. The series premiered on May 2, 2014, but unfortunately the show was cancelled in February 2015.


A psychotic murderer looking to get a fortune off of his killings will face several challenges in order to achieve his goal. As he gets closer and closer to his fortune, the closer the FBI gets on his trail.


In April of 2014 littlegreen1 decided to make a new show called The Shadow. Production began late April. nearly done with the first season the show had not been getting any episodes released, which littlegreen1 later revealed it was because the show was cancelled. On March 12 2015, the show was decided to be rebooted.


Actor Role
littlegreen1 Jeff
TEDOG1232 Shadow
XxthejasonkillerxX Michael
abuela123 Brian
Olliekins Chief Miller


Season 1

Episode Video
The Shadow Episode 103:46

The Shadow Episode 1

The Shadow Episode 205:19

The Shadow Episode 2

The Shadow Episode 305:22

The Shadow Episode 3

The Shadow Episode 407:57

The Shadow Episode 4



The series has received an overall positive review.


  • Jeff's original name was set to be Alex.
  • Shadow's look was not supposed to be how it is now, until littlegreen1 saw one of his friends in a perfect outfit.
  • The fifth episode was finished by littlegreen1, but was never released.
  • Littlegreen1 has spoken with people about maybe rebooting the show at a later time.

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