The Rohemian Club
Release Date May 26, 2012
Director DonCurrency
Film Company The Mafia Films
Running Time 13:25
Main Actors Arclordrpg
Genre Horror, Supernatural
Movie Rating Rank M
The Rohemian Club was a film directed by DonCurrency and distributed by The Mafia Films.


We can't handle the truth. A young undercover reporter follows a group of famous people to a new club in Roblox called the Rohemian. There he clearly sees them with Game Admins and other people, and his mission is realized: Get the Front Page News! He sneaks in the back and nearly escaped armed guards, but what he will document will tear the secrecy of the most shocking conspiracy theory in the world.


In May 2012, Zilex1000 hosted an awards contest on his RadioActiveZilex YouTube account. DonCurrency entered a horror trailer for the contest, and won second place with his video. Don decided to continue the story onward in a new film production under its title of The Rohemian Club.

Production began the same month, however, principal photography was plagued with filming issues ranging from camera and script malfunctions to uncooperative actors and poor direction on the part of DonCurrency. The film suffered numerous problems off-set with editing errors and numerous corrupted files. The film was initially released on May 26, 2012, but was given a director's cut in early 2013 which included a deleted scene previously left out of the film.

The movie was later lost permanently when the YouTube channel that was hosting it shut down.


Main Cast
Actor Role
Arclordrpg Nelson Meedleson, StickMasterLuke
Masterchief11223344 News Manager
Littlestarscream St0rmx
Bobbysayhi ColourTheory
Buddy17474 Telamon/Shedlesky
Minor Cast
Actor Role
Popsfootloose949 Iz Ammunitions Clerk
Nanikaaru Assistant
Guitarfan352 IronInforcer
Camdenw8 Yorick, Sacrifice
Zilex1000 ReeseMcBlox (uncredited)
DonGotti Armed Guard #1
Cashpop Armed Guard #2
DonCurrency Armed Guard #3, Erik.Cassel, Demon #1
KoopaBowser Demon #2


On June 13, 2013, Warships Pictures obtained the rights to make the sequel. That film is currently upcoming.

Awards and Nominations

The 2012 ROBLOX Film Awards
Award Awarded to... Results
Best Music Choice CosimoValuta Won


  • The Rohemian Club was named after The Bohemian Club, which also has tales of illuminati and demon-worship attached to it. The audio clip of "Fools, FOOLS, Fools," is from The Cremation of Care Ceremony at The Bohemian Club.
  • The Motto of the Rohemian Club was "No Noob Shall Troll Us Here," a reference to The Bohemian Club's Motto: "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here"
  • Some scenes were massively pixelated because of file corruptions with the Sony Vegas editing software.
  • Throughout the movie, we never see the exact demon that chases Nelson Meedleson, called The Dimoni. However, we do see other demons at The Rohemian Club.
  • The Movie Poster's Motto, "I just wanted the front page, not a conspiracy theory," was never said by Nelson in the entire film.
  • The door effect featured in the trailers and the scene where Nelson Meedleson is chased out of the factory was created by making bricks attached to the door, giving it a bulking out effect, and quickly snapshotted, adding another bulge each shot.
  • In the opening title intro, it mentions that the only evidence for The Rohemian Club was a secret wiretap in Builderman's office and an outlandish comment on Twitter by Shedlesky. This is an alliteration to the real-life Bohemian Club where Bill Clinton told a heckler at a campaign rally, "The Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club? That's where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees right? I've never been to the Bohemian club but you oughta go. It'd be good for you. You'd get some fresh air."

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