The Ro-Wrestler
No Poster
Release Date 2016
Director iCanadianDestroyer
Film Company R&M Productions
Running Time N/A
Main Actors iCanadianDestroyer,Rocket_RaccoonGOTG, halloweenfan26
Genre Action/Fighting
Movie Rating Rank M

The Ro-Wrestler is an upcoming 2017 film directed by iCanadianDestroyer. The film will be distributed by R&M Productions.


A young kid, who has been the waterboy and has been building up the rings since he was 13, gets discovered by a wrestling owner(iCanadianDestroyer) who signs him on to the PPW company. However he had an enemy(Rocket_RaccoonGOTG) who followed him from company to company, sometimes it even got personal where he attacked him outside of wrestling.


Just after filming "Jerpar and Cyber CAUGHT!" Indy Studios was created. Blaze and Canadian had an idea for their debut film, The Ro-Wrestler. After the wiki page deletion incident, they gave up on it and canceled the film. Early July, they revived the project then canceled it again. Under a new company, R&M Productions(Rocket and Mike). Canadian and his good friend Rocket_RaccoonGOTG would work on The Ro-Wrestler


Main Cast
Actor Role
Unknown Rookie Wrestler. Danny Hall
Rocket_RaccoonGOTG Wrestler. Eli Shansu
iCanadianDestroyer Promoter. Chris Maverick
halloweenfan26 Head Trainer. Albert Stanton
Minor Cast
Actor Role
therealjohncena04 Heel Wrestler. Austin Chambers
heyyrebecca Heel Valet. Rebecca




  • Once changing companies, the cast would be completely changed.



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