The Noob: Shedletsky's Mighty Castle
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The Noob and Susan are enjoying a wonderful Sunday stroll when suddenly they spot a castle in the distance where Shedletsky invites them in. When Builderman comes to the drawbridge with a fully loaded tank, it's up to The Noob, Susan and Shedletsky to stop Builderman from ruining their fun.


Production began on the 12th of September 2016 and concluded on the 27th of September 2016.




Reception for The Noob: Shedletsky's Mighty Castle has been mainly negative.



12 minutes felt like an hour and a half in Bob's latest installment of The Noob. The short was unfunny and I'm pretty sure one bit was just a blatant rip off of an old Spongebob episode. The stopmotion could use some work(especially during the fight scenes) and the cinematography was dreadful; I could not find one shot in the entire short that was even the least bit visually appealing. The dialogue was also very clunky and awkward and I noticed several grammar mistakes. Overall The Noob was just an unfunny, very predictable, mess; it's a 1.5/10 for me. Only thing keeping it from a 0 would be it's fps rate. Coollegodude1
Wasn't awful, but wasn't great either. Most of the jokes were hit or mess (I liked the self-awareness of it though, lol) and most of the episode dragged, a lot. Nearly everything in this episode makes it bearable--but only that. I think it's decent and I could see it going somewhere. I'm feeling a strong 5/10. ThecapcomFreak
While The Noob's previous outings were mostly decent, this episode was truly one of the most uncomfortable viewings of this series you can watch. The jokes are either so immature only a fetus would laugh at it, or extremely inappropriate for all the wrong reasons, just to give it that E13 rating to make it look "edgy" and "hip". Besides the jokes, the animation on the characters looked extremely cheap, the set wasn't exactly the most vibrant (I could even see pre-made Build mode models in the background in the Castle), people like BenIsLegit and DonValuta were added in only for a s**ts and giggles joke when they were on-screen together, with no other reason to even appear. If you removed them, the story wouldn't have been different. And finally, the film was made way too fast. If Bob spent more time working on integral parts of this episode instead of throwing something together as fast as he could, it could've been better. But nope, we got The Noob: Shedletsky's Mighty Castle, a horrible comedy episode of what is generally an okay series. I give this episode a 1/10 for sucking on almost all levels of production, and that's the sad truth. AGavent
Apologies for the belated review - I only just saw this today. 6/9/2017

When reading the reviews, I was thinking to myself "oh great, this is gonna suck!" Then I watched was good. Not great by any means, but I did enjoy myself. Dumb humor that works given this series is known for it. A lot of missed jokes that make it awkward, but I feel the director was trying to make it somewhat awkward, so it fits. This short knows what it is. It's self aware and breaks the fourth wall constantly. Is this a terrific short? Not by a long shot. But I don't think it's as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be. 6.5/10




  • The short film was shot in 15 days.
  • Only 3 sets were made for production of the short film
  • Robloxiwood directors BenIsLegit and DonValuta have a cameo in the short film


The Noob - Shedletsky's Mighty Castle12:09

The Noob - Shedletsky's Mighty Castle

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