The Noob: ReNoobed
TheNoob-ReNoobed Poster
Hosted By Bobtheclumsyman
Show Run 2016 / 2017 - TBD
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 0
Genre Satire, Comedy
The Noob: ReNoobed is a Revamp of the Original Noob Series by Bobtheclumsyman. It takes place after the events of The Noob Movie IV: Second Coming Of Corruptix.


The Noob Is Back! Everyone's favorite idiot is back at it again with his wife Susan. Join him on his funny and sometimes serious journeys through Roblox!


Actor/Actress Characters
Bobtheclumsyman The Noob
Free Model Susan
Free Model Noob Jr


The series will premiere sometime after production of The Noob Movie IV: Second Coming Of Corruptix. It will be a on going project that will be worked on in between Original Movies that Bob has planned.

The pilot episode will be put into production after the completion of Episode 3 of A Night For Murder


Episode Title Description Release
1 Planet Robloxiwood The Noob and Susan move into there new house, while Susan is at home arranging the furniture The Noob is attending Planet Robloxiwood, a huge gathering of people cosplaying as their favorite Roblox directors.

Meanwhile back at the new house, Susan is having trouble getting the electricity to work



- There will be an episode where Susan is moving furniture into the new house while The Noob is having a adventure of his own down at Direct-con, a annual convention where people can come as their favorite Robloxiwood directors. But Trouble arises in the building as DonValuta plans to take over the world with his ultimate weapon, The Valutanator. This episode will include several parodies of different robloxiwood movies and two musical numbers, one being a song about the convention being sung by loads of people and another song which includes DonValuta singing on how he is going to take over the world.

- The Noob's Voice returns.

- Noob Jr is implemented in the later episode of the show. This will open up to his character focused episodes where it shows Noob Jr struggling to overcome the problems in school.

- Noob Jr was a spin off show that bob considered after the events of The Noob Movie III: Descent Into Eternal Darkness

- The Noob: ReNoobed will have a lot more character development. Most of it will be centered around Noob Jr to build his personality since he is the new character.

- There will be an episode that introduces new Roblox admins to replace Builderman and Shedletsky.

- This is the 5th Generation of The Noob.

- There will be episodes that test The Noob and Susan's marriage.

- Sub-plots will be more common in ReNoobed to keep the episodes quite lengthy.

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