The Mystic
Mystic Poster
The Mystic Poster
Release Date Cancelled
Director Zuyikuu
Film Company Zuyikuu Productions
Running Time 31 minutes
Main Actors Zuyikuu
Genre Drama, Action and Superhero
Movie Rating Rank M

The Mystic is a film made by Zuyikuu


One day, a dead man comes back to life by Three Ancient Warriors to fend off a horrible person named Galantis to either, protect his son, or save Earth along it in a big city in Canada and his name was The Mystic, But The Mystic refuses and wants to save his son and daughter only and not fend off Galantis in the ancient war of the Dominus's.


Zuyikuu (Kevin) started working on the script for The Mystic on October 23th 2016 during summer and the script working ended on October 31th 2016 and he got the confidence to make the film by his friend Jackie (Jackiepwners in the forums)

Now that Zuyikuu is finally started making the film and made some cleaning to the script Jackie and Zuyikuu has decided to make The Mystic in The UCU (Unstoppables Cinematic Universe)

Media for the teaser trailer will come soon.




                                                             Main Cast

Actor Role
Zuyikuu The Mystic
TBA Taro
TBA Emily
TBA Galantis


  • This is Zuyikuu Production's first film ever made
  • This film is based off a show called "Power Rangers Mystic Force"

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