Template:Infobox SeriesThe Masked Fighter: Fugitives is a series written and directed by Routess. It is a reboot of The Masked Fighter and is distributed by Route 66 Productions.


A boy named Marcus is recruited into a defence force called Shadow Clan and is expected to just be going on scouting missions and taking out thugs. An evil group called “The Bounty Hunters” start terrorizing innocent civilians of towns around the globe in search of the Power Core to change the world into their own perfect image.

Production History

Filming for episode 1 started in Auguest 2015 and the first episode was released on August 21, 2015. The second episode was uploaded on November 21, 2015. However, both episodes recieved copyright complaints and was blocked worldwide. The first episode is blocked and the second episode is currently unblocked. Despite not having an episode in two years, the series was officially cancelled when Routess announced his retirement from the ROBLOXiwood community.


Episode 1 of Season 1 was uploaded on August 21, 2015 and had exceptionally high ratings.


Actor Role
ArcticFox001 Marcus
Princeofsun2380 Ron
ZzRandomGhostzZ Claire
TheBossMan57432 Blue
BenIsLegit Lord Gunsting
Ultrazz Felix
N/A Fiona
Rinir Dark Bounty 
Coollegodude1 Cron
Crinoline Myserie
N/A Midnight
Tribalz Scythe
N/A Gwen
Alexisawesomesauce Ace
LordCrossfire82 Masc


Season 1
Episode Description Release
1 Marcus and others attempt to join the Shadow Clan. August 21, 2015
2 N/A November 21, 2015


The Masked Fighter Fugitives Episode 109:36

The Masked Fighter Fugitives Episode 1

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