The Invasion (2013)
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Release Date
May 27th 2013
Directed By
Science Fiction

The Invasion is a short movie created by Hacker225 for the 2013 BLOXY Awards. It was made consecutively in 30 days to finish the short movie. The short was released on May 27, 2013 to rave reviews.


The story begins with different people around the world filming strange objects appearing in the sky. The scene then cuts to a Red Hooded Man heated up in a fire in an ally. The Red Hooded Man reminisce of Day Zero, when the mysterious objects arrived to earth. He is within the crowd seeing a mysterious alien being on a Futuristic bike and shooting electric energy beams to the crowd.

The scene then takes place back with the Red Hooded Man heating up in the fire when the three mysterious aliens appear surrounding him. He fights them and defeats all of them. The scene switches to early in the morning, RHM is looking up to the big alien ship as five aliens approach him. He is saved by a group of rebels fighting the aliens. RHM gets a hold of one of the aliens futuristic bikes and takes it to the Mother ship. There he arrives with a group of Aliens waiting for him. He takes out a rocket launcher he stole from one of the aliens and shoots it, destroying all the aliens.

RHM arrives in the control room where he defeats the captain of the ship. The final scene switches to RHM onto of the mother ship, going with the rebels following him and headed to what appears to be New York City in order to save them and gather more of the resistance group.



The inspiration that Hacker had to make this was watching the TV spots of Mass Effect 3, Halo 3, and Crysis 3. It gave him the idea of doing something similar like that but on Roblox. This is the first Roblox Movie made in such a way.


The Invasion received mostly positive reviews with many people claiming this to be the first real actual Roblox machinima. The only thing criticized was the soundtrack used for it as it had a hip hop style beat which some may not be a fan of.


The 2013 Golden Noob Awards

Awards Awarded to... Results
Best Dramatic Short Hacker225 Won
Short of the Year Hacker225 Nominated


The Invasion Roblox Short Machinima-0

The Invasion Roblox Short Machinima-0