The Hunter
The Hunter Teaser Poster
Teaser Poster for The Hunter
Release Date 2016
Director ThecapcomFreak
Film Company Neverwakening Productions
Running Time 60 mins. (est.)
Main Actors Coollegodude1, BlokBlobber
Genre Psychological Thriller, Historical Fiction
Movie Rating Rank I-16

The Hunter is an upcoming 2016 historical fiction film, directed and produced by ThecapcomFreak.


Despite warnings from an established prophet, humanity revolts against the known God, Yishnew. A sole man, The Hunter, strikes him down and vows to carry Man to prosperity. However, as the suffering and famine of the Hunter's village, Byslia, becomes more evident, he attempts to establish himself as an omniarch.


Production for The Hunter began in October 2016. Screenwriting began shortly thereafter.




Main Cast
Actor Role
Coollegodude1 The Hunter
N/A Antiochus
BlokBlobber Lucilia
N/A Julius
N/A Doctor Antonius
N/A Alexander the Great (Archangel)


  • The film was inspired by a concept album as well as a poem.

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