The House Franchise
Directors Harry131291, Zilex1000, DonValuta, Rick120
Film Companies Zilex1000 Productions

The Mafia Films Vexant Inc. Rick Roll'd Productions

Genre Supernatural, Horror, Thriller

The House is a series of horror thriller films created by Harry131291. The first two films was directed by Harry. Zilex1000 and CosimoValuta, with their respective companies, directed the two prequel films to The House. The House 3 was to be the final film in The House Franchise, but was later cancelled, the franchise was later rebooted with The House (Reboot) directed by Rick120.


From the great Robloxiwood horror directors, comes the franchise that explores the origins of Mary and the demonic hellhole that is the House.


The House Franchise began with the release of The House in 2012. It was decided with the completion of The House, that a direct sequel would be made to the film. Two months after the original movie was released, Harry completed production on The House 2 and released the film on May 8, 2012. In mid-2012, Harry131291 and Zilex1000 struck a deal in which Zilex1000 would create a prequel to the first film. Filming officially began in July 2012.

Pre-production lasted about a month, however, filming took much longer than expect and the film was not completed until September, when all 3 chapters of the prequel were released. In early 2013, DonValuta (back then known as CosimoValuta) secured the rights to make a second prequel to The House Franchise, going back to before Tales From The House.

The film was designed to tie directly into TFTH and the first House film. The movie was greenlighted for production to start February 2013 but production began March 29, 2013 under TMF. Finally, on June 20th, the complete movie was released after being released in 3 parts.

The House 3 was the scheduled sequel and final film in The House Franchise. Harry131291 would return to finish the film series and Vexant Inc. would release it. The film had been into production until August of 2013, where it was then cancelled. The film was expected to be released in the Summer of 2013.

In mid-2014, Harry131291 announced plans to completely reboot The House Franchise with The House (Reboot), intent on directing; however the film went into production-hell during 2015 and ultimately Harry retired from direction, after which, Rick120 secured the rights and a reboot was released on June 21, 2016.


Name Year Director Type Status
The House 2012 Harry131291 Film Completed
The House 2 2012 Harry131291 Film Completed
Tales From The House 2012 Zilex1000 Film Completed
The Story of The House 2013 CosimoValuta Film Completed
The House (Reboot) 2016 Rick120 Film Completed


ROBLOX Film Awards
Year Category Result Recipient Work
2012 Best ROBLOX Film Nominated Harry131291 The House
Octoberfest Film Festival
Year Category Result Recipient Work
2013 Best Editing Won CosimoValuta The Story of The House
The Golden Noob Awards
Year Category Result Recipient Work
2013 Best Use of Video Effects (Drama) Nominated CosimoValuta, AmericanWarshipsFilm The HeistThe Story of The House

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