The Hood: Memento
Poster made by Tokyodrift7.
Release Date N/A
Director Routess
Film Company Route 66 Productions
Running Time N/A
Main Actors N/A
Genre Action Thriller
Movie Rating Rank M

The Hood: Memento is an upcoming 2016 film written and directed by Routess.


A secret organization is performing experiments to create the perfect human. With some subjects to be left lucky enough to be alive but not deemed to be "perfect", are resorted to extermination. But Cosmas Bennet uses his new human advantages to help him escape his demise. He now sets a goal to stop this secret organization and what they are trying to accomplish.


The first draft of the script was written in late September of 2015. Set production and casting is still in progress. Early December 2015 Routess began to rewrite and edit the script to fix mistakes that he was always commented on in his previous film. Inspirations like AlmightyNoob and ThecapcomFreak help Routess continue this film. A teaser for the film was released on December 20th, 2015. The teaser recieved good feedback when released. 


Main Cast
Actor Role
Rinl Cosmas Bennet (The Hood)
AlmightyNoob Adlai Wesley (Memento)
RottenDarkness Kennet Brown
Pickachugirl General Ledway
Coollegodude1 Klaudio Cane
Moses747 General Moses


The Hood Memento (2016) - TEASER02:01

The Hood Memento (2016) - TEASER

Teaser for The Hood: Memento


  • Third time Routess is attempting to revive the idea of The Hood
  • Majority of the film is to be filmed in Studio

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