The Headstack Wonder
No Poster
Release Date Early 2017
Director Wubbzi
Film Company Wub-a-Dub-Dub Productions
Running Time 30:00
Main Actors TBA
Genre Action, Superhero
Movie Rating Rank UC
The Headstack Wonder is an upcoming superhero action film written and directed by Wubbzi.


Headstack, a superhero who has an extra head that gives him special powers, protects his city alongside his sidekick, Ritchie. The duo dominate over all the villains with an iron fist, but are tested by the notorious Oscar, an evil mastermind determined to kill them both. When Oscar turns the city and his friends against him, will he be able to restore his reputation, or will he fall to the hate?


The script took a long three months to write. Filming began on July 19th. Wubbzi has finished the score for the first scene thus far. The soundtrack is currently in the works as well as filming and will be released before the movie.






  • Headstack's outfit consists of plain underwear. This is to parody superheroes in the 50s.
  • The score has not been digitally altered in any way. This is to make it sound more authentic.


The Headstack Wonder Preview03:51

The Headstack Wonder Preview

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