The Great Darkness
The Great Darkness
Release Date November 21, 2014
Director CosimoValuta
Film Company Neo-Avant Institution, RobloxDC Studios
Running Time 29:21
Main Actors Raddestdad, AGavent, Routess, Bobtheclumsyman
Genre Superhero, Fantasy
Movie Rating Rank E-13

The Great Darkness is a 2014 film directed by CosimoValuta and co-produced by The Neo-Avant Institution and RobloxDC Studios. The film is based off the DC Comics character Great Evil Beast.


The living embodiment of primordial darkness is conjured into existence, causing devastating consequences in Hell, Heaven, and Earth.


In late 2013, CosimoValuta, Zilex1000, and ThecapcomFreak discussed developing films based off of mythological monsters and creatures commonly found in H.P Lovecraft's novels. ThecapcomFreak pursued a film based off of Cthulhu, while Zilex1000 pursued incorporating the characters Azathoth and Nyarlathotep into one of his films. RobloxDC Studios and The Mafia Films worked to find a DC comics monster that could be adapted into a film as well. The comic book "Swamp Thing Vol 2 #50" was eventually selected due to the Great Evil Beast being the villain of the storyline. On January 1, 2014, the film was announced, however, the project later fell apart due to other film commitments and a transfer of RobloxDC ownership.

On October 24, the project was resurrected. The screenplay was finished on October 28, and principal photography began on October 29. It was revealed on October 31 that CosimoValuta was officially signed on to direct the film, and a teaser trailer was released the same day.  On November 12, the teaser poster was released as well as the full cast list. On November 16, the film had completed editing, and the theatrical trailer and poster were released. The film premiered and was released on November 21, 2014.


Name Role
Raddestdad Great Evil Beast
AGavent Lucifer Morningstar
Routess Michael Demiurgos
Bobtheclumsyman Etrigan
Spiderboy9 The Spectre
Major/Minor Cast
Name Role
ChildOfGiotto Abnegazar
Juzzy04 Rath
Littlegreen1 Ghast
MTV78 Zauriel
EddieScellta Asmodel
WinterWolf314(as BATMAN21005) Duma
Coollegodude1 Azazel
JohnCena2305alt1 Beelzebub
Supergoko98 The Invunche
KingJonas42 HilariousCoolkat




  • Swamp Thing and John Constantine were planned to be in the film in the original incarnation.
  • No script for the movie was made, only a screenplay outline was written.

Main Characters

Name Basic Description Image
Great Evil Beast The Great Evil Beast is the living embodiment of the primordial darkness that existed before light was introduced into the universe.
Great Evil Beast
Lucifer Morningstar A fallen angel cast out of Heaven into Hell who defied The Creator after tapping into the powers of evil and wickedness.
Lucifer Morningstar
Michael Demiurgos The Archangel Michael is the second most powerful being in the universe who defends Heaven and his father, The Creator.
Michael Demiurgos
Etrigan Etrigan the Demon is a demonic entity who works for Lucifer Morningstar.
The Spectre A spirit given the power of God's vengenace in order to rid evil from the Earth.
The Spectre


The Great Darkness 201429:22

The Great Darkness 2014

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