The Second Annual Golden Noob Awards
No Poster
Date Held December 2014
Host TBD
No. of Award Winners 25 (approx)
The Second Annual Golden Noob Awards, or sometimes better known as the 2014 Golden Noob Awards, is the second of the annual Golden Noob Awards ceremony. All winners and some categories went unannounced due to a long hiatus on the project, which ended with the quitting of AlmightyNoob. It is presumed that all previous categories would have been used in this ceremony.

Announced Categories and Nominees

Category Work Awarded to...
Best Dramatic Picture Static ThecapcomFreak
Transition Rick120
Orbital Providence Zilex1000
An Ordinary Job Interview CosimoValuta
Best Dramatic Series Darkvalk ThecapcomFreak
The Masked Fighter Routess
Showdown Routess
Best Dramatic Short Avenge CosimoValuta
Father, Father Routess
Nancy's Memories Zilex1000
Help ThecapcomFreak
Best Actor in a Leading Role AlmightyNoob as Joel Warland in Orbital Providence AlmightyNoob
Ahache123 as Darkvalk in Darkvalk: Dissonance Ahache123
Rick120 as Detective Johnson in Criminal Rick120
Spiderboy9 as Jacob in Static Spiderboy9
Best Actress in a Leading Role Rachelmay1 as Lisa Marshall in Orbital Providence Rachelmay1
OriginalLSummerS as Emily Brooke in Criminal OriginalLSummerS
Myserie as Myserie in The Masked Fighter Myserie
Angelwings12345 as Amber in Darkvalk Angelwings12345
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Routess as Visum in Darkvalk: Dissonance Routess
Superpenguin55 as Blaise Lockett in Orbital Providence Superpenguin55
Moses747 as Jesus in Angel of Life Moses747
TEDOG1232 as News Director in Payday for You and Me TEDOG1232
Best Actress in a Supporting Role DedenneAmyPichu as Jess in Angel of Life DedenneAmyPichu
AmazingRawr as Claire in The Masked Fighter AmazingRawr
Enchantedtruffles as Police Officer in An Ordinary Job Interview Enchantedtruffles
Best Use of Video Effects Orbital Providence Zilex1000
An Ordinary Job Interview CosimoValuta
Transition Rick120
Static ThecapcomFreak
Best Use of Cinematography Transition Rick120
Darkvalk ThecapcomFreak
Criminal CosimoValuta
Orbital Providence Zilex1000
Category Work Nominated to...
Best Comedic Series Derp House AlmightyNoob and Routess
Noob vs. Boon TheFallen123
The Noob Bobtheclumsyman

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