The GodBuilder
No Poster
Release Date August 12, 2010
Director CosimoValuta
Film Company The Mafia Films
Running Time 9:23
Main Actors Ultrazz, CosimoValuta, RoYeL, PatrickBurton1996
Genre Mafioso
Movie Rating Rank E-13

The GodBuilder was a film that was converted into a short directed by CosimoValuta and distributed by The Mafia Films. The film was the first of a trilogy of films Investor Happyworldman agreed to finance. While The GodBuilder was a TMF classic production, it was never completed.


The GodBuilder is a 2010 Robloxian crime film based on The GodBuilder poster created in the ad contest back in 2006. The story, spanning the years 1945 to 1955, centers on the ascension of Michael Corleone from reluctant family outsider to ruthless Mafia boss while also chronicling the Corleone family under the patriarch Vito Corleone.


During a movie rights meeting at TMF Headquarters, Happyworldman, a friend of CosimoValuta, bought the rights to a GodBuilder Trilogy. The GodBuilder was thought up by Don after he stated that The Mafia Films was failing to make a great mafia movie, and at the time there was none in existence.

Production finally went underway while simultaneously watching and copying direct text dialogue from the movie The Godfather. Casting was done on a part-by-part basis.  After the 4th part, production stopped completely. Sets were created for the 5th part, but were lost.

The film was released August 12, 2010, but was never completed. Due to Part 2 and Part 4 being deleted permanently, Part 1 and Part 3 have been merged and released as a ROBLOX Short Film in 2012. On July 23, TMF officially declared that The GodBuilder classified as a E-13 Film.


Main Cast
Actor/Actress Role
CosimoValuta Don Vito Corleone, Mobster (White), Michael Corleone, Tom Hagen, Luca's Assassin, Willie Cicci, Al Neri, Tom's Kidnapper
Ultrazz Peter Clemenza
RoYeL Michael Corleone
PatrickBurton1996 Amerigo Bloxasera
Florida22 N/A
Major Cast
Actor/Actress Roles
Batman26948 Santino Corleone
RichLopez Jerry Wagner
Tiarnan Kevin Moonan
Ultrazzbloxxer Virgil Sollozzo
Theamanc Tom Hagan
Hollow2001 N/A

There were also many extras in the films, and other people in Parts 2, and 4, but the footage has been lost, and TMF is unable to properly identify who they were.


  • During the opening sequence, Amerigo Bloxasera changes appearance to when it is focused on his face, then when he gets out of the chair.
  • Clemenza in the opening scene was not played by Ultrazz, and wore a Blue Tuxedo that was accidentally messed-up because of Chroma Keying.
  • In Part 2 and 3, audio from both the movie The Godfather and The Godfather Game are used.
  • In Part 4, a short clip of Cop Cars pulling up to The Hospital is taken from The Godfather movie.
  • Part 5's opening was supposed to cover Michael with his friends in Sicily.
  • A mixture of 1.0 and 2.0 bodies was in The GodBuilder.


After Part 5 was never made, the entire film was cancelled. There were discussions to continue the incompleted movie, however plans never came to fruition in time and Parts 2 and 4 were deleted. Plans were eventually dropped and TMF gave away the film rights to Zilex1000 Productions by request on December 27, 2012. Their film would be a reboot of the film, however, they later cancelled production on it.

However, after another look was taken at the initial transaction between Happyworldman and TMF, it was announced that it was technically a breach of contract to hand over the franchise without completing the 3 film requirement. The Mafia Films had to make 3 films, counting The GodBuilder, to honor the deal.

With regards to the Zilex1000 Productions film, TMF stated that although they did give away the franchise, the deal is technically not legal without consent of Happyworldman, and therefore any production attepts on that movie would no longer be connected with the deal.