The Flash
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September 5th 2013
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Super Hero

The Flash is a 2014 film directed by XxthejasonkillerXx and Littlegreen1, and co-produced by RobloxDC Studios. The film is based off the DC Comics character The Flash.


After an accident at STAR Labs, Barry Allen becomes the scarlet speedster known as 'The Flash'


During the start of RobloxDC Studios, Poppleworks was scheduled to write the script for a film about The Flash that would tie into multiple DC films. The film never was able to secure a director and was later forgotten when RobloxDC was restructred. In mid-2014, XxthejasonkillerXx was approached to direct a film about The Flash and the next day, Littlegreen1 began writing the script. Production started on 26th of July. The film was split into 2 parts, with Part 1 being released to dismal reviews. Jason handed Part 2 of The Flash over to Littlegreen1 to direct. Production for the second part began on the 10th of September. The film was cancelled in April of 2015.


Though having high hopes at the start, The Flash was poorly executed. It was criticized by poor editing, rushed plot, awful set designs, lack of character development, lousy costume design, and bland dialogue.



You know, I really wished the best for this film. This was one of those films I REALLY wanted to like. I felt it could be alright, but to be honest, I'm just upset about how such a company with such great potential as Dreen Four (not gonna mention RDC because they have Routess's Batman) could fall so far.

Sloppy editing, rushed plot, free-modeled sets, uninteresting characters, scenes that don't even have any backing to them whatsoever (Malcolm's death scene was filmed horribly to give me any emotion), it's just a huge mess. I watched this, TWICE, just to see if I could find anything positive in this film, something that was worth reviewing. I'm sorry, Jason, but there's no way to sugarcoat this: 1/10

Canadian Infernape
The film has many plot holes in it and it was rushed badly. The costume design wasn't very good especially Captain Cold because he doesn't wear a mask, he has goggles. Also, what was with the random Batman at the beginning. I really think you should research the characters more and build better sets because this one was poorly made. Never rush on films, take as much time as you need and be confident in what you are doing. Good luck in the future, remember to not rush. I give the film a 1.5/10. Galactic Film Corporation
Your company is failing, people don't respect you, and you need to release a film. So, what do you do? Release this pile of ####. I'm sorry, but this is not the jumpstart RDC needed. Random Batman appearance, the film moves too quickly, the set design is horrendous, the dialogue is mediocre, and the death of Barry's brother was too sudden and seemed like it came outta nowhere. RDC better find better directors, or it's gonna flop very soon. 0.2/10. Brisingric



The Flash (PART ONE)20:13

The Flash (PART ONE)

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