The Fire Franchise
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Directors Brisingric, Poppleworks
Film Companies Altitude, Poppleworks Media
Genre Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Drama
The Fire Franchise is a series of films that were created by Brisingric. The franchise consists of the Original Trilogy (Destruct Fire, Roaring Fire, Raging Fire) and the film Defiance, which reboots the franchise. Most films in the series were directed and written by Brisingric, except for the planned Raging Fire, which was to be directed and written by Poppleworks, and the upcoming Defiance which was written by Ollie and TheFallen123, and is slated to be directed by Fallen as well.


Original Trilogy

A man named Rick Darren watches his two best friends be murdered by members of the corrupt government that rules over them, and decides to join a group known as the Resistance to help fight the corrupt government.

Reboot Series

Cameron Jackson, a fugitive from the Government for twelve years, meets the Resistance during a raid and joins with them. As he begins to get closer to the members, he soon realizes he must make a decision, and the result of that decision may lead to total anarchy.

Production History

The Original Franchise

The ideas to begin a new film were initially pitched by Brisingric to an audience of Robloxiwood filmmakers, who voiced approval at the proposition. 2012's Destruct Fire was originally the start of the franchise. Written and directed by Brisingric, the movie was successful enough to garner a sequel and become Brisingric's best picture for a long time. The franchise continued with Roaring Fire, also by Brisingric. Due to the film being plagued from the start with a rushed production schedule, the final product was rated one of the worst Roblox movies of all time, before being usurped by more worthy contenders. However, it was planned that another film, despite the unsuccessful result of Roaring Fire, would be directed by Poppleworks titled Raging Fire. The idea never came to fruition, and was shot down by many, including Olympus himself.

TMF Reboot

Brisingric decided that Destruct Fire would be better served if it was rebooted with Poppleworks as the Idea Manager, opening the way for the franchise to live again. Raging Fire would launch the new franchise while Brisingric was writing the script for the official reboot to Destruct Fire. A trailer was released, and soon after, even before pre-production, Olympus announced a sequel named Rebellion would be created, before the idea was dropped. However, with Brisingric's leaving of Roblox and Robloxian filmmaking, Destruct Fire's reboot would be taken over by CosimoValuta and distributed under The Mafia Films, and planned for it to be made into a successful trilogy of films. It was announced that Poppleworks would act as a co-writer for every film. There were discussions about making the franchise into four films, but TMF soon dropped all conversations. TMF stated that all 3 rebooted films will be made at the same time, and released approximately 3 months from each other, starting in the summer of 2014. On December 11, TMF announced that the franchise would not open with the reboot of Destruct Fire, but actually Igniting Fire.

Series Reboot

On the 15th of December, when Ollie officially returned, TMF returned the rights to the film series and any reboots back to him and his company Altitude. The reboot was originally set to be a reboot of Destruct Fire, with the same overall plot and characters. This was overhalled in March of 2014, when TheFallen123 helped Ollie write the script for the film reboot. The script laid untouched for a few months until June, when Ollie opened it up and also decided that it should be a series. This series was originally to be released in July of 2014, but was later cancelled. The film was revived in April 2015, as Ollie took the original script and reworked it to meet his newer vision of the film. The film was almost cancelled when Ollie left ROBLOX, however, he gave the film rights to TheFallen123.


Original Franchise

Destruct Fire (2012) serves as one of Brisingric's highest rated films, yet criticism has been labeled that "the best Olympus film is not a good Robloxiwood film" due to errors in filming, text color, and elements of a low-production value. That notion only solidified with the release of Roaring Fire, which killed the entire franchise, rated the lowest-recieved Brisingric film and one of the worst films of all time, and the worst sequel to a film created. Despite the Destruct Fire idea being poison, Poppleworks signed on to continue the franchise with a prequel, Raging Fire, in which the idea was met with mixed to negative reviews.

Reboot Series



Name Year Director Type Status
Original Trilogy
Destruct Fire 2012 Brisingric Film Completed
Roaring Fire 2012 Brisingric Film Completed/Lost
Raging Fire 2012 Poppleworks Film Cancelled
Reboot Series
Defiance 2015 Brisingric Film Upcoming


Original Trilogy

Name Role
Zilex1000 General Tike
Penguinman653 Jack Reynolds
Brisingric Rick Darren
Kasert Agent Carson
DonCurrency Don Reynolds

Reboot Series

Name Role
N/A Cameron Jackson
N/A Rachel Ellis
N/A Tyrese Wells
N/A Thompson
N/A The President


  • During production under Olympus, the original film reboot would have had a different main character and an organization named "The Web" instead of "The Knox".
  • Cosimo's ideas for the series stretched to four films, rather than just three, at least, at the start. The fourth film would have been set way into the future, but he decided to drop the idea, as he would have been milking the franchise.

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