The Dominus (series)
Director tokyodrift7
Main Actors TEDOG1232
Series Run March 15, 2014 - present
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 4
Genre Action/adventure
Movie Rating Rank M

The Dominus was a series directed by tokyodrift7 and produced by Dreen Four Productions It is based on real characters in the 'Dominus' hat series. The first season premiered on March 15, 2014. The series closed in July, but a new series recalling the events after it is in the works.


Born from pure hatred, Dominus Infernus is released upon the world by the Timelord and destroys every world superpower in his wake. Arising from the ashes of the old armies, the Resistance stand alone to save the world from complete annihilation.


In February 2014, Tokyo began making the series, by building sets and creating the plot. On March 15th, the first episode was released. From mid-March to early April, the second episode is written and filmed. On April 10th, the second episode was released. Speical effects were decided and ready to use on June 1 , 2014. Actors are the only thing tokyodrift7 needs as of June 2, 2014. On July 9, 2014, tokyodrift7 decided to make the series 6 episodes and have 1 season. On August 6, 2014, tokyodrift7 decided to cancel the series and do a reboot later on. Main reasons are lack of ideas for later episodes and lack of actors. A final episode will be worked on and released. The series will have a continuation, going by the name of "Cryptic". It will follow a few years after the events of The Dominus: Origin Of Evil.


Actor Role
Main Cast
TEDOG1232 Dominus Infernus
TEDOG1232 Dominus Aureas
TEDOG1232 Devin Parker
drake17dude Ethan Westly
crossboydude Paul Westly
JohnCena2305 Timelord
TEDOG1232 Ryan


Season 1

Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 Born From Hatred Dominus Aureas races to his hometown, only to find out he was too late to save them. March 15, 2014
2 Origin Of Evil As Infernus continues his destruction, the Resistance struggles to stay alive. As Infernus closes in, he is troubled with a recurring problem. April 10, 2014
3 Rise Of Anarchy This is a catch up episode, telling the story of what happened before Infernus unleashed his wrath upon the earth. Episodes that follow will do the same July 9, 2014


  • This film was inspired by the series of hats on ROBLOX.
  • RyanA17 volunteered as a main role right from the beginning.
  • tokyodrift7 is close friends with both zanderman222 and drake17dude.
  • Extra soldiers and survivors will be included after the third episode.
  • Zanderman222 didn't appear in the first 2 episodes of the series although his character did. He will appear in Episode 3 though.


The Dominus - Born From Hatred S1 EP108:47

The Dominus - Born From Hatred S1 EP1

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