The Director Awards
Date Held 2015 - 2016
Host DonValuta (2015)
No. of Award Winners 10
The Director Awards (formerly The Movie Director Convention) are an annual awards show event commemorating the best in directorial excellence for the current year the award show is held in. The Director Awards is currently planned to be held for two years.


The Director Awards are a prestigious award ceremony where the best and upcoming Robloxiwood directors can receive recognition for their works throughout the current year. The awards are specifically given to directors in an effort to support the idea of film auteurism, solidifying the backbone of Robloxiwood's creative endeavors. Productions nominated include video art forms recognized by the Roblox Film Wiki, including films, shorts, series, shows, and live-action events. Nominees are restricted to individuals who work in the Robloxiwood film community as well as the Robloxian TV industry. All productions are eligible for recognition as long as they have pages on the Roblox Film Wiki or Robloxian TV wiki.


On March 4, 2012, The Movie Director Convention was the first attempt to create the equivalent of the Director's Guild of America Awards in Robloxiwood to compete with several Academy Award equivalents, of which the BLOX Awards came out the decisive victor and the gold standard of Robloxiwood award shows. Originally envisioned by DonCurrency, The Movie Director Convention was never held and the Robloxiwood Convention later proved to be the decisive directors convention for the community.

On December 2, 2015, DonValuta resurrected the idea of The Movie Directors Convention and reshaped it into the modern awards show - The Director Awards. The awards were planned to take place in 2015 and a final awards show to be presented in 2016. The venue for The Director Awards is The Garde Theater, which is maintained by the Neo-Avant Institution.


  • The Director of The Year
  • Outstanding Directorial Debut
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Short Film
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Music Video
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Animation
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Series
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Show
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Live-Action Event
  1. Established Directors means a director who has released a completed film.
  2. The Director of The Year award is given to the director who has brought the greatest impact on the community. It's an honorary award.
  3. The Award for Outstanding Directorial Debut is given to a director whose first production is critically acclaimed. It's an honorary award.
  4. The Awards for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary/Animation include both short subject and feature length videos.
  5. The Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Animation is given to machinima videos that are mostly or entirely 3D animated.

Discontinued Categories

These categories were a part of The Movie Director Convention list of categories. For The Director Awards, these categories were discontinued.

  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Special Effects
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Original Storytelling
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Cinematography
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Artistry & Vision
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Soundtrack
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Foreign-Language Video
  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Text & Subtitle

Voting Process

The nominees and winners are decided by a select committee appointed by the host of the award for the current year. Members of the committee must be established directors, and they may not vote for their own projects they directed. Excluding the host, the committee must be an odd number of people, ideally 5/7 individuals to prevent split voting. The host cannot vote in the nomination committee to prevent obvious rigging. After the nominees are decided, the committee will return three days prior to the ceremony to vote on the winners for each category, after rewatching each nominated film. The host may vote in this committee but, if any of their films are nominated, they cannot vote in that particular category, or if their vote will cause a split vote, they may not vote for the category. After the winners are decided upon, the host will be in charge of storing and keeping the winners list secret until the day of announcement. Members are sworn to protect and prevent leaking of the information or may be disqualified from membership in the future.

List of Award Ceremonies

  • The Director Awards for 2015


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