The Day History Came Back
Poster by Neddyfram1110. It shows Beth watching Tom depressurizing a halon fire extinguisher into the air when there's obvious rubble that needs some firefighting.
Release Date 2015-16
Director Neddyfram1110
Film Company Altopics
Running Time N/A
Main Actors Neddyfram1110
Genre Drama, Action
Movie Rating Rank UC

The Day History Came Back is a nuclear war film with no set release date. As of now, the film is early in development. It aims to have the 80's feel of a nuclear war film.


The plot revolves around Tom, who is an inspector in the Dorest Police and Beth her daughter and several other people who live in the fictional town of Kaleigh (note spelling difference) as the Ukrainian Crisis gets worse and eventually turns into World War III, and soon they must go through nuclear winter.


The film will be produced by the new Altopics company. The script is to be written soon.





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