The Box
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Release Date
August 28, 2015
Directed By


Techno Studios
56 min.

The Box is a 2015 film directed and written by tec307. The film was produced by Techno Studios. 


Three teens decide to go camping, and soon begin to discover that something is hiding and haunting them. The teens decide to push their luck and stay for more than a night, and find themselves locked away in a box. The teens have three hours to find their way out, or else they will die.


During the production of Night and Light, director tec307 decided he wanted to make a thriller film that pushed the boundaries of the genre, as he was disappointed with his last film and wanted to keep trying. Tec307 designed the set and characters during the production of his first film. He had completed a quarter of the film, but decided to scrap it and start over. The film was eventually released on August 28, 2015.


The movie received overwhelmingly negative reviews. The major criticisms for the film were the predictable twists, unfocused story, unfitting soundtrack, awkward sound effects, atrocious editing, many spelling/grammar errors, pacing problems, and more. The film is currently the third lowest rated film in ROBLOXiwood history.



I found this film really didn't have the material to fill an hour long movie, I believe it could have easily been cut down, especially in the beginning when things are supposed to be tense and come off as somewhat comedic with the Ghost's constant reveals. However, unlike other reviews, I appreciated the fact this film took the time to examine the psychological effects of our sole survivor now living with the guilt he caused the death of his friends. This good will quickly disappears when the Ghost...shoots laser beams from his eyes that causes Tyler to spontaneously combust and burn his house down. I'm not exactly sure what the reason would be for telling this story if it can all be boiled down to "watch out for haunted forests". Otherwise, hard-to-read dialogue, subpar cinematography, and mediocre acting bring this film down to a 4/10 DonValuta
Overall, this movie was pretty good. I loved the concept of it, it was well planned out, I enjoyed watching it a lot. There were some spelling errors here and there, but I won't be a stickler about that. I give this movie a 8/10. Keep up the good work, tec! OpticalRift
In my opinion, this film lasts wayyyy too long, this is a story that couldve been summarized up in 10 minutes, the editing wasn't dont that well, the songs were bad, the dialogue had no grammar, and altogether this just wasn't that good. The set design was.. okay.. could've been better. It's hard for me to point out the good things because well, there wasn't really anything good to say about this. This is still an improvement from Night and Light, and if you keep improving, you can get better. 0.8/10. Littlegreen1
Alright, here is my review and I'm just going to get right into it. The aspect ratio of the footage stays inconsistent with itself most of the time. In the beginning sometimes it was a square, sometimes a thin rectangle, and even sometimes it almost filled up the whole screen. The camera work is somewhat okay, I don't really know what else I'd say about it. The costume design is somewhat "nooby" but that's honestly just me because I am a huge perfectionist when it comes to character design and I can be very hard on how people do their characters. The sets also were pretty bad, especially the forest. When it came to the captioning there was hardly any grammar used and it constantly bothered me. After reading the Wiki page it stated that this film was meant to be a thriller but honestly I wasn't thrilled or scared throughout this whole film, it was really quite boring and drawn out for way too long. I understand that horrors and thrillers and but ThecapcomFreak's Static did a pretty good job at being shocking and exciting which is what people should feel when watching a film like this. Anyway, I think I'll end off this long review by saying I give The Box a 0.5/10. Good luck in the future. Spiderboy9
I did not enjoy any of this at all. Everything was expected and it had very bad pacing. Sorry to say, but, 0.1/10. Moses747
What is tension? What is suspense? What is a thriller? Those are questions you may no longer know the answer to after watching this film. This is, hands down, the worst ROBLOXiwood film I have ever seen. There is no pacing, there is a plot, but it's very thin, the film runs for about 40 minutes too long, the script is god awful, the constant spelling and grammar errors are frustrating, the film is too inconsistent (changing skin colors), the editing is awful, as so many shots of the cutscene editor and Studio itself was left in, the little music that was used is awful, and the film as a whole takes too long to get anything going. Instead of feeling scared or tense, I laughed throughout the entire movie. Market this as a comedy and you may have a hit. Overall, this movie is awful, please don't watch it, 0/10. Brisingric
I'm sorry but I really couldn't find anything good about this film. The editing was crappy, the writing was terrible and the captions had like no grammar. This went on for way too long and the whole film felt like a crap Saw rip off. The sound choice was really really bad and most of the cutscenes were godawful. I could make a 15 page review explaining all the issue with this but instead I'll just leave you at this. Overall this was just a lazy attempt at a film and I give it a 0/10. Sorry, hopefully you can improve and your next project will be a lot better. Good luck. Coollegodude1
I have to agree with what most people have said. Overall the movie, it's not terrible but it is cheesy, the sound effects and the look of the ghost all look pretty hoaky. I understand that you were restricted to using free audio though but it still feels out of place. The dialog is pretty iffy at times as well with many grammar and spelling errors. I think it was a bit pointless to show a flashback of Tyler(I think it was) saying he heard the place was hanted at the gas station when we had already seen the minutes ago. I still like the concept of it however. I think the way you rendered it goes a bit unappreciated, the stop motion looks pretty nice at times, Keep working on it and you can progress greatly. I'll give it a 4.7/10 Solomon Wayne (YouTube)
It started out great, then it derailed like 15 minutes in, it got a bit too confusing. Try not to shove too many things into movies, because it becomes bloated, and some of the dialogue was terrible, typos here and there, my opinion? 4/10, I like Night and Light WAAAYYY better.. Phoenix Studios (YouTube)





The Box 2015 Official Movie

The Box 2015 Official Movie

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