The Annual BLOX Awards
The BLOX Award.

Date Held 2013, 2014 (annual)
Host Superpenguin55, Zilex1000, Arclordrpg
No. of Award Winners 19 as of 2014 ceremony (16 in 2013) (minimum, excluding any ties)

The BLOX Awards were an annual awards event held by Superpenguin55, Zilex1000, and Arclordrpg. Two award ceremonies were held, in 2013 and 2014.


The idea of the BLOX Awards was conceived at the start of 2013, and the first ceremony was held on the 6th of July at the National Theatre. All films produced prior to June 2013 qualified to be nominated. The second ceremony was held at the ROBLOXiwood Arena on the 13th of September, 2014. Only films produced between June 2013 and the end of the 2014 nomination period were eligible. A third ceremony to be held in 2015 was in the planning stage, however due to unfolding events in the ROBLOXiwood community, these plans were scrapped. No further ceremonies will be planned.

Attendees gathering in the National Theatre for the 2013 awards.

List of BLOX Award Ceremonies

Winners by Category

The BLOX Awards Winners (by Category)
Category Year Work Awarded to
Best Picture 2013 Rescind II ThecapcomFreak
2014 Static ThecapcomFreak
Best Director 2013 Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace Zilex1000
2014 Orbital Providence Zilex1000
Best Actor (in a Leading Role) 2013 Mike Hike in Rescind I ThecapcomFreak
2014 Darkvalk in Darkvalk: Dissonance Ahache123
Best Actress (in a Leading Role) 2013 Teresa Gray in Through Frosted Glass Rachelmay1
2014 Amber in Darkvalk: Dissonance OriginalLSummerS
Best Actor (in a Supporting Role) 2013 Clay Hay in Mike Hike 3027474
2014 Visum in Darkvalk: Dissonance Routess
Best Actress (in a Supporting Role) 2013 Lynda in Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace Taragamer36
2014 Jason in Hyperblue (Reboot) JenniferHartson
Best Series 2013 Nooblet / MisterMeap Zilex1000 / Agentmeap & MisterThrowback
2014 Darkvalk ThecapcomFreak
Best Short 2013 Elder Trolls / Chaos Redemption Trailer Dayren / Arclordrpg
2014 A Diamond A Dozen TheFallen123
Best Trailer (introduced 2014) 2013 N/A Not Awarded
2014 The Dark Knight: Knightfall Part 2 Trailer TheFallen123
Best Cinematography 2013 ROBLOX Trapped in the Darkness Hacker225
2014 Orbital Providence Zilex1000
Best Film Editing 2013 Rescind II / Alien in 51 / December 21, 2012: The End of Roblox ThecapcomFreak / Koprio / DonCurrency
2014 Orbital Providence Zilex1000
Best Storyline 2013 Rescind II / Vortex Security: Endgame / Alien in 51 ThecapcomFreak / Rick120 / TomPengu
2014 Orbital Providence Zilex1000
Best Screenplay 2013 Alien in 51 Tompengu
2014 Orbital Providence Zilex1000
Best Score 2013 Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace Zilex1000
2014 Orbital Providence Zilex1000
Best Costume Design 2013 Shattered Silence: Fall From Grace Zilex1000
2014 Darkvalk: Dissonance ThecapcomFreak
Best Production Design 2013 Through Frosted Glass Zilex1000
2014 Dream Clouds Rick120 & Madformerspro
Best Visual Effects (introduced 2014) 2013 N/A Not Awarded
2014 Flicker Gamerwalk
Best Special Effects (introduced 2014) 2013 N/A Not Awarded
2014 Orbital Providence Zilex1000
The ROBLOXiwood Award 2013 N/A Superpenguin55
2014 N/A Zilex1000

Voting Process

The awards start off with a nominations period. During this period anyone can put forth their nominations for each category.  At the end of the period, a selected committee will decide out of the nominations who will win.  The winners will then be announced.

Notable Guests in Attendance per Year


Poster for the 2013 BLOX Awards.


Poster for the 2014 BLOX Awards.

 (* = award winner in 2013) (** = award winner in 2014)

Guests who attended 2013 only:

Guests who attended 2014 only:

Guests who attended both years (2013, 2014):


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