The Andromeda Strain
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Release Date 2015
Director Andrew167890
Film Company Secret Productions
Running Time 3 mins
Main Actors N/A
Genre Sci-Fi
Movie Rating Rank EC

The Andromeda Strain is a 2015 sci-fi short directed by Andrew167890.


A crashed satellite lands on a town and contains a killer virus. Scientists try to figure out what the virus is. The virus goes in a rocket and try's to destroy the town.


Andrew167890 will see how production is going on 4chan




The short opened to mainly negative reception. It received criticism for it's confusing and unclear story and lack of cinematography. The edit and voice samples were also criticized as unfitting.



And here we go again. It seems you did not learn much from your first attempt. The editing is atrocious, becoming erratic and smooth at the most random times. The sound editing/mixing is bad, as are the voices you chose, because yet again, you think using bad audio clips will make your short better. The music, which looped at least twice, was irritating. A lot of the sets look bad, and because you used sound bites in favor of an actual plot, I could barely tell what was going on. Why were there a bunch of shots of just the same guy's face? What caused this 'virus' to happen? How did a pale guy in a doctor's outfit fix it? All questions that will never be answered. The only thing I sort of liked was the shot you did of the burning capsule in the road, but that's it. Not much better than Suicide Bridge, to be honest. 0.4/10. Brisingric
I don't get what happened O.o... ill have to rate this a 0.5 of 10. I'm sorry man but the film was not good at all. it was hard to tell was going and random #### started to show up, it's annoying. honestly you created films worst film I've seen on here. BUT! I want to help you fix that. party me on roblox when you get the chance we will talk. were gonna fix you're writing, cinematography, editing and story telling. so please fill free to contact me if you want to fix this stuff. I may not be the best robloxiwood director, but i'm willing to help. And unlike other dircetors, cough cough grayscale cough cough, i will help you. if you Supergoko98



The Andromeda Strain (2015 Full Short)03:11

The Andromeda Strain (2015 Full Short)

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