The Adventures Of Ted Little and Joey
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Director Littlegreen1
Main Actors TEDOG1232, Littlegreen1, Joey18916
Series Run 2015- Present
Seasons 1
No. of Shows 2
Genre Action, Comedy, Drama
Movie Rating Rank E-13

The Adventure of Ted Little and Joey is a series written by TEDOG1232 and directed by Littlegreen1.


Ted, Little and Joey are three high school seniors heading into their freshman year at FSU. At FSU, they will learn the meaning of friendship, trust, law and order to prepare them for the future, whilst going on a lot of crazy adventures at the same time.


In early 2013, TEDOG1232 came up with the idea of the show under the title of The Adventures of Ted and Zander. The show did not get far, however in 2015 Tedog told Little about the idea, and since then they have been making sets and writing an episode for the show. The first episode released on November 22, 2015.


Main Cast
Actor Role
TEDOG1232 Ted Ornelas
Littlegreen1 Little Green


Joey Kehoe

Major Cast
Actor Role
Abuelo123 Matthew Tiimson
Lazyboy52027 Coach Muffler


Season 1
Episode Title Description Release
1 College Ted, Little, and Joey check into to college. November 22, 2015
2 Newcomers Little and Joey play football in front of Coach Muffler at practice, making a good impression on him, hoping to make the team. November 29,2015
3 The Season Opener Part 1 The Season opener of the Florida State Seminoles football season. TBA
4 The Season Opener Part 2 The second Half of the game. TBA
5 Antoo's Great Grandfather Antoo's great grandfather comes and visit's Ted, Little, Joey, and Antoo. TBA
6 The Meet Joey introduces Ted, Little and Antoo into a new activity. TBA
7 A Late Night A late night after school hours, turns into a near disastrous night. TBA
8 Valuta Ted meets a new friend in film class. TBA
9 The Project Ted, Little, Joey, and Antoo have problems doing a project that they have 1 week on. TBA
10 The Play Ted, Little, Joey, and Antoo get caught skipping class, and are forced to act in the School play. TBA
11 Miami Ted, Little, Joey, and Antoo go to Miami for a little break. TBA
12 True Danger A character loses their cool, putting everyone in danger in the mid-season Finale. TBA
13 The Escape Ted escapes a place that he need's to get out of with Little, Joey, and Antoo's help TBA
14 The Concert The crew goes to a concert, even though told by Coach Muffler to get enough sleep for tomorrow's game. TBA
15 The New Stars The crew get's more attention from everyone, nation wide. TBA
16 The Fresh Princes Coach Muffler gives Ted, Little, Joey, and antoo a break for their great football season and book them all tickets to Bel Air TBA
17 The Heisman The Heisman is announced in New York City TBA
18 Celebrating in Tokyo The FSU team goes to Tokyo to celebrate. TBA
19 Preparing The team prepares for the big game that takes place in Tokyo TBA
20 The College Football National Championship FSU goes up against USC Trojans in the biggest game in NCAA Football. TBA
21 Coming Home Champions The team comes back to Florida, getting applauded, and even get their own Parade TBA
22 Who did it? A mystery person is trashing the campus, and the crew has to solve the mystery TBA
23 Space Out Part 1 The crew goes on a class field trip, and accidentally get launched into space by little, when they wandered off away from the group. TBA
24 Space Out Part 2 Ted, Joey, and Antoo argue with Little as the 4 try to figure out a way to get home by communicating with Mission Control down in Houston. TBA


The series received mixed reviews, things such as camera angles, lack of interesting characters, and plot were things reviewers said could be improved on.



The pacing... The soundtrack for this... The dialogue... It's all so off and just... Bad. The camera work is mediocre at best, and I feel like everything each person says is just filler to not make the scene look bland. Also, who goes to college with no luggage, bagging, or anything for that matter if you're living in residence?! What are they gonna wear everyday? How are they gonna have proper hygiene? How are they suppose to do anything?! Everything in this episode just feels so awkward, and we don't know anything about the three. We just know that they went to college, three buddies, and they repeat the same context the first person says. And that ending... Why? Why did his hair turning blonde have to do with anything in the episode?! Was their any guidance in this episode? Plot? Even a script written? I'm so confused I just don't understand... I'm sorry, but I really do hope the next episode is better than this. I give it a 1.5/10 for the effort. Routess for Episode 1: "College"
Well, folks, it's finally here! Is it what we expected? Yes! Is it what we wanted? If only it were longer. Despite the great theming and wonderful use of the slice-of-life genre, it fails to provide a long-lasting and memorable plot, being more of a one-time short about moving into a dorm and something about TED's hair than the start of a series. When you start a series, you want a few plotline that you can start and then develop in later episodes. So far, the only thing we can look forward to is the stuff about Ted and his college football career. You also want interesting characters, but honestly I couldn't find any so far.However, I will say that it doesn't look bad. I believe very much that this show will go on to be a great project from the minds of Little, Ted, and Joey that may go into the comedic rankings that we hold high in ROBLOXiwood.Overall Score: 6.5/10 - Not too much to judge here, but it can go on to be much better than it is now. Next time, make it longer and try to get in more about your characters. Poppleworks for Episode 1:"College"
I like the music at the beginning as it reminds me of the sound you would wake up to in the morning to get school or college. The party scene was interesting to see, the music was something you would hear at a party which was nice. The camera angle was cool to see the three friends walking. The friends seemed to be talking about mainly college stuff. The ending scene where Joey and Little look at Ted was interesting to see as it soon switched to Ted's eye vision of him waking up with his eyes blurry from just waking up as he tries to figure what Little was talking about and then right after that where Ted screams about his hair and yells out Ahhhhh made me laugh my butt off at the end which reminded me of other TV shows that ended like that. I saw a lot of effort put into this episode. Overall honestly I would give this 8.5/10. TEDOG1232 for Episode 1: "College"
The dialogue doesn't sound real to be honest, I think the acting by all characters except the great Joey18916 can improve, but I really like this and hope we can continue making more episodes. 8/10 Joey18916 for Episode 1: "College"
Honestly, I found this to be so boring. I thought this was suppose to be a comedy, I wasn't laughing at all. And it's not even personal taste or anything there was like maybe 2 jokes in this episode. The music was very unfitting and it always ended very abruptly. The camera work was horrible and so was the writing. Most of the sets looked terrible and the only good thing I can say about this is there was very little lag and no pixelation. However I do see some potential in this series so I'll give it a 3/10 Coollegodude1 for Episode 1: "College"
pretty good overall acting, although soundtracks were slightly off the script and acting made up for it. I rate this a decent 7.2/10. Hope to see more episodes soon. Killerpizza1000 for Episode 1: "College"
Well, it's an improvement in my book. Despite a kind-of odd music choice and a very unrealistic size for a football team, I think this series is finally on its way up to good reviews. However, it's not there yet. The writing is once again sort of rushed and cliche, and I feel like these episodes would be much better if they were longer. Overall, 5/10. Poppleworks for "Episode 2: Newcomers"
This was great! You're recording improved a since first episode!! All the music fit with what was going on at the time. Amazing script and set. Overall Rating 9.2/10. Killerpizza1000 for "Episode 2: Newcomers"
Honestly a great film! Just things would've been a bit more realistic (more players on a football team) and also, you could've added some humor while they were walking down the hallway (having a race to the class or something). Otherwise great film. Rating: 8.5/10 blaine5902 for "Episode 2: Newcomers"
Same problems as last time except this episode was a slight improvement. Still pretty boring though, the scenes ended very abruptly as well. The ending was okay but overall this episode was only a slight improvement from the last. 3.5/10 Coollegodude1 for "Episode 2: Newcomers"
I Just really don't know what to say. I feel as if a lot of things were off with the first episode. First, the characters were just--boring. They were uninteresting, I didn't notice any special qualities about the 3 characters, It felt like they didn't really have a personality. Second, the cinematography for this episode, I should say, is below average, If you had spent more time planning your shots, you might have been better with the cinematography. Speaking of planning, this whole episode just feels unorganized and freestyled. The acting is bad, the dialogue is bland, and it just feels like I'm watching a Middle school play. Third, why didn't they pack luggage? I don't know ANYBODY that goes to college without any luggage or supplies. And on top of that, where are the parents at? Aren't they supposed to say goodbye before they leave? and I also feel like the sets were just so boring and generic, and didn't have any interesting or special qualities to them Fourth, you made this episode in one hour, and edited within 45 minutes?! What did you even do during editing? Cropping, cutting, splitting, and adding music doesn't cut it. I feel like you should spend more time editing than you do filming. I just feel like this whole episode was rushed. Since it's your first episode, I'm going to be lenient. I give it a 2/10 for effort.

armyperson557 for Episode 1 "College"



  • The clip released on November 20, 2015 was made within 1 hour, and edited within 45 minutes.
  • Production of the show has been attempted at least 3 times.
  • There are some references to little's past films in the first episode of the series in the party scene, where it shows Lawrence Baker from Innovation and Jeff from The Shadow.
  • Not many people knew this until recently when TEDOG1232 reportedly told someone in a offscreen interview that a serious remake of this series was attempted in early 2016 but this time retitled the "Adventures of Ted and Little" and it featured an entirely new different plot line along with characters and a four plan season story arc. A pilot episode was in fact shot and made but Little and Ted had wanted to keep the project underwrap to keep it a surprise to the public. Unfortunately unexpected technical difficulties occurred when trying to release the episode online, therefore it was never released and this information had never been revealed to the public until now.


The Adventures of Ted Little and Joey S1E1 - College-0

The Adventures of Ted Little and Joey S1E1 - College-0