The Abducted
No Poster
Release Date Cancelled.
Director CoolDude80967
Film Company Throwback Studios & PoppleWorks Media
Running Time N/A
Main Actors CoolDude80967, ImAwesomeKindaGuy and TwoubleKinz122
Genre Drama Action
Movie Rating Rank EC
The Abducted was an upcoming film made by CoolDude80967. This would have been her first Roblox film. It is now cancelled.


The main character is FBI Agent Michael Vann. He had a normal life until his 13-year-old daughter Aubrey Vann had gone missing. After a few months, they were sure that she was dead. One year later, his daughter was still missing, he and his wife got divorced, and he retired from his job. Then one day, he gets a call from his daughter, she was calm while she explained what has happened and what was happening, almost like she was reading it from paper. The last thing he heard was a few screams. He tries to find out their exact location, but he only finds the town. People help him on this venture and some people try to stop him. The series follows him and his daughter looking at the two views of the kidnapped and the rescuer.

Production History

The idea was created by CoolDude80967 on July 18, 2013, posting in the I Made That forum along with some of the main characters she would like to be casted. Cool posted on the thread again on July 19, to show new parts and the first people casted. 

On July 22nd, Cool recasted the parts of both Michael and Aubrey Vann to Bubblesword and JennaWishes.

On July 25th, Cool made another thread asking for a location, stating,

"I am looking for a city place not fantasy like I would like for it to be based of a real life place. That is basically my criteria I mean I don't mind if it's not super detailed and I might need a few places like restaurants but other than that I just want a simple city."

On July 27th, Cool stated,

"Guys, something wonderful just happened we have two possible producers for this series! I won't say names until it's official but they are both interested and they are both well known. We might film sooner than I have hoped."

It is still unknown which two companies she is talking about.

Later that day, Cool announced,

"play has Aubrey Vann. JennaWishes is most likely quitting Roblox, she messaged be saying if she didn't quit she will still be inactive."

On July 28th, Cool stated,

"I actually have filming scheduled for the 30th..."

Filming for season 1 is expected to go through August.

On August 8, Cool has given a huge developement saying that both PoppleWorks Media and Throwback Studios are joining forces to make this, and also saying that the series was becoming a film. She also announced that the movie is expected early fall.

On September 23rd, Cool cancelled the film.

Main Cast

  • Michael Vann: ImAwesomeKindaGuy
  • Christine Manning: Twoublekinz122
  • Aubrey Vann: CoolDude80967
  • Kidnapper #1: Eriklegoboy
  • Kidnapper #2: MisterThrowBack

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