Telaman is an upcoming 2017 superhero film directed by s9i and created by Gagerblue.
Telaman movie poster

The poster for the film.


After being fired from his job, Telamon gains superpowers after eating a radioactive chicken wing. Meanwhile, 1x1x1x1 gains immense power and breaks free from Banland in hopes of defeating Telamon once and for all.


The concept was designed in 2014, and several attempts to begin producing the film were made without success. Production began in early April, 2016. The film was on hiatus for a while before production slowly began once again.




Actor Role
s9i Telamon
s9i John
s9i 1x1x1x1
s9i Builderman
N/A Zuka
N/A Noli


  • Gagerblue came up with the idea for the film and began working on it in 2014 with s9i as co-director, but it was abandoned.



A frame from the upcoming film.

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