Technicolor Dream
Technicolor Dream Official Poster
Official poster by Superpenguin55
Release Date 2016
Director Zilex1000
Film Company Zilex1000 Productions
Running Time 48:41
Main Actors Rachelmay1, Superpenguin55
Genre Neo-noir, Arthouse, Crime
Movie Rating Rank M

Technicolor Dream is a cancelled film by Zilex1000. It was set to be released in 2016 through Zilex1000 Productions. Zilex began preparing for the film immediately after his return to ROBLOXiwood in October. The film was set to star Rachelmay1 and Superpenguin55 in the lead roles. No further roles were announced.


A private investigator is enlisted to expose the corruption within the city's police force in a state-wide inquiry. However, their motivations are not what she anticipated and if Grace Collings chooses to expose the illegal behavior of the police team led by detective Jake Powell, she will put thousands of lives at risk.


Filming commenced in October, with Zilex1000 Productions releasing related teaser content, including a photo shoot featuring star Rachelmay1. The official poster was released on December 31st in 2015, as production continued. 

The film was cancelled. 




Actor Role
Rachelmay1 Inspector Grace Collings
Superpenguin55 Detective Jake Powell





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