Release Date Cancelled
Director Olliekins
Film Company Grayscale Productions
Running Time Unknown
Main Actors IvyPosion, TEDOG1232, littlegreen1, and BenIsLegit
Genre Drama, Comedy
Movie Rating Rank M

Taylor is a comedy-drama film directed by Brisingric, and written by Bris and BenIsLegit. The film was planned to be released in 2014, but was later cancelled. A reboot is scheduled for release in 2016.


Taylor is moving up to high school, and that means more responsibilities, more drama and more schoolwork. Her life is pretty good, however when her life changes drastically due to a tragic event at school, Taylor begins to lock herself down. She soon realizes she needs to grab hold of herself, but can she gather the strength to do it?


Brisingric started to write the script in April 2014, with BenIsLegit co-writing. In late May, the script was completed and filming began. Filming officially started on May 26th. On the same day, a still was released from the opening scene. Over the next month, more actors were cast, such as AGavent, RyanA17, Giftedhorse and ironkid525.

He then decided to delay the film in favor of Defiance. However, on July 8th, Brisingric announced that he was effectively cancelling the project.


Main Cast
Actor Role
IvyPosion Taylor
TEDOG1232 Austin
littlegreen1 Kevin
BenIsLegit Brayden
Major Cast
Actor Role
ironkid525 Mr. Hogan
RyanA17 John
Giftedhorse Ashley
Unknown Marie
XxthejasonkillerXx Alex
zanderman222 Zach
Minor Cast
Actor Role
Unknown Ben
Unknown Moses
AGavent Adam


  • The film was planned to intertwine with Ben's film Psychosis, Jaded and The Friendship Trilogy (Dance, Finale, and Au Revoir). This would have been especially evident during scenes where Brayden and Taylor interact, Jacob is shown and Amber influences the storyline.
  • BenIsLegit was scheduled to play Brayden as a nod to his creation of the character.
  • A reboot, directed by ThecapcomFreak, was announced on September 11, 2016.


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