Join Date N/A
Years Active 2012 - Present
Nationality Unknown
Company Affiliation(s) Neverwakening Productions
Notable Films Flicker, Shard, Assortments

Supersilverchaos is an actor. He isn't an active member of the community and currently only occasionally acts for BenIsLegit when needed. He is now working at the Director of Photography for Rescind: Elegies and several other Neverwakening productions.



Actor Filmography

Name Year Director Type Role Status
The Walking Dead 2013 BenIsLegit Series Damon Lost
World's Finest 2013 BenIsLegit Film Clark Kent/Superman Cancelled
Assortments 2014 DonValuta Film Company Owner Rereleased
Finale 2014 Brisingric Short Jacon Lost
Flicker 2014 Gamerwalk Short N/A Lost
Shard 2014 Brisingric Short N/A Lost
The Stalker 2014 Brisingric Series N/A Lost
Decimation 2016 BenIsLegit Series N/A In-Production

Producer Filmography

Name Year Director Type Status
Decimation 2016 BenIsLegit Series In-Production

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