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Super Soldier
Poster made by Coollegodude1
Release Date Cancelled
Director keniel20067
Film Company Techno Studios, Mine Productions
Running Time N/A
Main Actors RibgyTheRacoon, zPrinceBreezy
Genre Superhero,Action,War
Movie Rating Rank M

Super Soldier is an cancelled 2016 superhero action film directed and written by keniel20067, and co-written by 31Flavours.


Zachary Garrick, a 26 year old retired soldier with super human abilities from America, after 2 wars was considered one of the best soldier in America. General Tony calls Zach to stop David with his suits. Suits that give super human abilities to his soldiers.


Keniel20067 was interested in creating Marvel superhero film and soon began writing the script for Super Soldier. Keniel20067 later confirmed that the main character will be based on Captain America. The film was currently in the early pre-production phase. In July 31, The director confirmed that the movie is cancelled.


Actor Role
RibgyTheRacoon Zach/Super Soldier
zPrinceBreezy Jack
TBA General Mike
iiCovertOps Anna
Jackiepwners David/Baron Blood
Wolfiex Jeremy




  • Based on Captain America.


Super Soldier - Teaser Trailer -100:27

Super Soldier - Teaser Trailer -1

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