Suicide Bridge
Release Date September 27, 2015
Director Andrew167890
Film Company Secret Productions
Running Time 4 mins
Main Actors N/A
Genre Thriller
Movie Rating Rank M

Suicide Bridge is a lost 2015 thriller short made by Andrew167890.


In October, there is a bridge in Sydney that is abandoned and was found by a person on 4chan. After the person found it, he committ suicide for an unknown reason. They say when you go to this bridge, you hear a scary voice because of the person.






Reception to Suice Bridge was overwhelmingly negative.



Worst movie ever, And I though Between Two Clans was bad. Fisrt of all, you started it out with 4chan. Not a good way to start it off if I must say. Second, you used imported clips/audio from MOVIES OR GAMES that don't even relate to roblox. Third of all, This looks like it was made by a 2 year old. Not what I would say "Mature Content" 0.0/10 from me. ItsMightyFox
I usually give higher ratings than a film should be, but there is no way I can on this one, if I could put a negative rating, I think I would. This whole short (shouldnt even be considered a short) made absolutely no sense. Half of it was on 4chan, and that didnt make sense either. I could honestly make this type of short in 20 minutes, and still get a better rating. 0/10 for me. In your future productions, you should REALLY consider explaining what the hell is going on. Take what we're saying is bad, and don't include those in whatever you're going to make next Littlegreen1
"Pack a bag full of posies" You can't even spell the most basic of nursery rhymes. This short is officially the dumbest thing I have ever seen. 1/2 of the short takes place on 4chan and there's no tension whatsoever. The other half has jumpscares every 15 seconds and a monster or something that's never explained...? I have no idea what was going on that last half. The music is terrible, the voices used don't make any sense, the film looks awful and overall, this short is atrocious. 0/10. Brisingric
I dont think the film was great. It wasnt good either. Im sorry, but there were some problems with the film. First off, after the death its nothing but haters screaming and jumpscares that no one expects. By reading the plot i thought this would be a great thriller, I mean when i searched up Suicide Bridge I found out your making a sequel. Maybe you can use this plot on your other film. Im sorry to say the, truly sorry put 2/10 LargeVid3osHD
Very edgy, almost atmospheric in a way, but executed too sloppily to really make much of an impression beyond people seeing it as a failed attempt at a horror short. I'm still going to give this a 0/10 but you need to work on editing, sound effects, and costume design. DonValuta


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